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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
  1. The seven greater groups - The seven groups or Ashrams within the Hierarchy.

The Hierarchy

  • These carry out the hierarchical will, which is love.
  • They work through love and understanding.
  • Each is presided over by a Chohan and a group is called an Ashram.
  • These major Ashrams have many affiliated Ashrams, presided over by a Master on the same ray as the Chohan, and are capable at any moment of being absorbed into the primary Ashram.
  • The perfect or complete group is the Hierarchy itself, containing all the seven major Ashrams and their affiliates.
  1. The Planetary seven groups - The seven rays, the central septenate of energy.


  • These embody the will of Shamballa, which is divine purpose.
  • They work as life energy, as quality, and produce appearance.
  • Each is presided over by one of the seven Spirits before the Throne; by one of the seven Ray Lords.
  • Each of these rays has its seven subrays which relate it to all the other rays.
  • These seven rays can, under divine purpose, be reabsorbed into the Three and then into the One.
  1. The lesser seven - The seven types of men and also the seven root races.


  • These embody the intelligence of the Logos as it expresses itself through creativity.
  • They are learning to work intelligently with matter in order to develop love in response to divine purpose - which is will or life.
  • Each of the seven types, responsive to one or [151] other of the seven rays, is conditioned or ruled by its prototype, the soul on its own plane.
  • These major types or races of men have many subraces and subsidiary types, developed during the evolutionary process; all will eventually demonstrate the seven major types.
  • The perfect type is the Christ, the Heavenly Man, Who expresses all the major types and Who is the "pattern of things as they are."
  1. The supplementary seven - The seven centers of energy in the individual man.


  • These together embody the combined forces of the planetary life as registered by the perfected individual. They will eventually enable the man to achieve perfection.
  • They enable the individual to respond to material forces, to soul energy and spiritual life, and they constitute a complete response apparatus to the planetary life, purpose, intent and form.
  • Each of the seven centers is responsive to one or other of the seven rays and their qualities under the conditioning energy of the soul ray and the forces, emanating from the environment.
  • These centers develop progressively and under the impact of circumstances and the Law of the Supplementary Seven, but all will eventually express in some measure the seven types of ray energy.
  • The Law of the Supplementary Seven can be worded as follows:

"The Law demands the entrance of that which can effect a change.
The Law demands that right direction should then guide the entering forces.
The Law demands that the changes thus effected remove the form, bring quality to light and lay the emphasis upon life. [152]
The Law demands that this is brought about by the One, working through the Three, energizing the Seven and creating the straight line from there to here, and ending in a point which ignores the Three."

When, the rule goes on, this is understood and applied, then four things happen:

  1. The group must understand the nature of the Three.
  2. The nature of the One must be grasped and comprehended.
  3. The group must work through the medium of the united breath.
  4. The group must attain a unified rhythm.

Here you have a relatively simple analysis (on the face of it, though not in reality) of a complex rule which the initiate has to apply to himself once he has grasped the significance of the seven basic postulates. The first seven rules provide the framework within which his work has to be done. The last seven rules concern various significant matters which, step by step, are revealed to the initiate as his consciousness is expanded. They relate to:

  1. The work which the initiate must accomplish within himself.
  2. The group relations of the initiate and his absolute need to work with his group and as an integrated and conscious part of it.
  3. The place which invocation and evocation must take as instruments in his pledged intelligent service.
  4. The blending of the four lessons which the applicant has to master and the four lessons which the initiate has to complete in order that a complete fusion of personality and Monad can be brought about.
  5. The significance of resurrection and ascension, particularly the latter, because little has been given out to date anent ascension.
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