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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
One of their first tasks is to bring about a free flow and right energy relations between the three major centers in our planet which correspond to the head, heart and throat centers in man. They are occupied with the circulation of energy between Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. This circulation, which for the first time in planetary history includes the highest center, Shamballa, is not yet completely established. Shamballa has been in touch with the center called Humanity by impact several times in the history of the race. But there has been no reciprocal action and no free flow. Humanity has taken the impact of energy and this impact has wrought changes in the activity of the center, but there has been no "responsive return," as it is esoterically called, and hence no circulation. The Shamballa force has hitherto been transmitted via the Hierarchy. For the first time, and in this century there has been direct impact. The diagram on page 160 may make this clearer.

We shall eventually have a free circulation and a veritable vortex of force set up between the three centers; it will be of such an increasing radiatory activity that - moving in both directions around the three centers - it will eventually contact the radiations emanating from the other four centers of the planetary Life, thus completing the interplay and the interrelation between all seven. These four include the three lower kingdoms of nature and a certain basic center (corresponding to the center at the base of the spine in man) about which nothing is as yet known nor will be known for ages to come. [160]


The importance, therefore, of the center which we call Humanity will be apparent. The Secret Doctrine has ever taught that mankind has a special function in saving and regenerating nature. The "saving force" - a circulatory combination of the three major energies - is radiated by humanity as a group-creative impulse, and this gradually sweeps all forms of life into the field of its magnetic potency, thus relating them (or rather the soul of each kingdom) to the Hierarchy and to Shamballa. This involves a great mystery which is closely tied up - little as you may realize it - with the doctrine of Avatars or of World Saviors.

It is in this connection that the words I gave you previously are pertinent: [161]

  1. "The group must understand the nature of the Three." This will be seen to refer to the three major centers and the nature of their relationship, and not specifically to the Trinity.
  2. "The nature of the One must be grasped and comprehended." This has reference to the fact that our planetary Life is Itself a center within a still greater Life, and is today one of the three planetary centers (even if not yet one of the seven sacred planets) which are the custodians of the force, in process of transmission, which will be to the greater Life what Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity are to our planetary Logos.
  3. "The group must work through the medium of the united breath." This deals with the processes of circulation, for the breath is the life and pours through all the centers.
  4. "The group must attain a unified rhythm." This has no reference in reality to the work of a group of disciples, but to a group of centers of life, such as the three major centers or the entire group of seven centers.

A study of these ideas may carry illumination, but I would again remind you that I write for initiates, living at a later period in this century and in the next.

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