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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
The rule runs as follows:

Rule XII
Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the group upon the upward Way and let Taurus bring illumination and the attainment of the vision; let the mark of the Savior, as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group.

You will remember that the rule as given to applicants emphasized:

  1. The use of the hands in service for healing, blessing and for invocation.
  2. The mark of the Messenger in the feet; this referred to the use of the intuition, which is governed by Mercury.
  3. The use of the "eye." This is not in reality the third eye (which is after all only a symbolic phrase), but the [228] ability to use developed soul power. This is that intermediate potency found between the power of the mind and the dynamic electric energy of pure will.

For the initiate, this rule simply carries the same message but on an infinitely higher scale, and (if I may so express it) obedience to this rule calls in Aquarian energy, the reasoning power of Mercury, and the illumination of Taurus, in order to carry forward hierarchical work upon a planet and in a planetary cycle which have been conditioned by Pisces for more than two thousand years.

I would have you ponder on this, for in realization you will here have the formula for the work of the Hierarchy as it reconstructs the world after the destruction wrought since 1900 A.D. You have here also a great triangle of energies, functioning through the medium of Mercury, the reasonable, reasoning Messenger of the Gods:


The Hierarchy is, therefore, at this time, conditioned by three great constellations:

  1. Aquarius - The Custodian of that "life more abundantly" of which the Christ spoke and which He can draw upon at this time in a new and dynamic manner in order to bring about the restoration needed. This energy is the "implementing force of universality." It concerns the future. [229]
  2. Taurus - The Revealer of the vision, the "eye of the Gods," the donor of illumination. It is that which concerns the present.
  3. Pisces - The Inspiration of the World Savior, and also the field of salvation. It is the field of force in which the two other forces must work. It has been produced by the past.

As these three constellations pour their energies into the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara, the Hierarchy, they are there concentrated and retained until released under "the swift design of Mercury" into the field of the human consciousness. The effect of this release is to awaken the intuition (governed as you know by Mercury), and to enlighten advanced humanity. It is through intuitive human beings that knowledge of the Plan is given to humanity and the work of restoration can be carried forward.

At this time and in a peculiar manner, the initiate-consciousness sees the Hierarchy as primarily energized by life, and by the energy of Aquarius, carrying a hitherto unknown aspect of the life energy of deity. This is of course difficult for you to comprehend and will only be understood as it truly is at the close of the Aquarian Age.

The initiate sees the New Group of World Servers brought under the illuminating power of Taurus, with the rest of humanity still under the influence of Pisces. You have, consequently, the "over-shadowing raincloud of knowable things" hovering over humanity, just as the Hierarchy over-shadows the New Group and just as the soul over-shadows the personality of man; you have all the needed illumination and light upon all the coming problems, waiting to precipitate itself through the New Group of World Servers under the influence of Taurus, the nurturer of all illumination, and you have humanity, at the same time, conditioned and made sensitive by Piscine energy, during the past two thousand years. You have, therefore, a condition of great spiritual promise, and in this combination of [230] energies you have present those forces which will implement the activities of the Hierarchy, condition its initiates, affect every Ashram, bring light into the present darkness, and - as can already be seen - stir into new understanding the present Piscine consciousness of mankind.

It is in the New Group of World Servers that the training of the needed disciples for the Ashrams of the Masters takes place at this time in world history. This is a new hierarchical venture. In this group also accepted disciples learn to work in the same manner as does the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy works within the field of the world of human living; the New Group provides a similar field for the new disciple. It is towards that group also that initiates in the various Ashrams converge at times, in order to study the caliber and quality of the disciples who are engaged in world salvage, for it is through these disciples that the Hierarchy carries out its plans. Initiates do their main work upon mental levels and from behind the scenes, and because of this their potency is great; this is particularly so with those who have taken the third initiation. A certain percentage of them are, however, active out in the world of daily living.

You need ever to remember that at this time the main technique of the Hierarchy is that of conveying inspiration. The Masters are not openly lecturing or teaching in the great cities of the world; They work entirely through Their disciples and initiates. It will, however, be possible for Them to appear increasingly among men and evoke recognition as the influence of Aquarius is more firmly established. The Masters, in the meantime, must continue to work "within the silence of the universal Ashram," as it has been called, and from there They inspire Their workers, and these latter in their time and way, inspire the New Group of World Servers.

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