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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
You will note that I have here indicated the existence of five triangles:
  1. That existing in the interplay of the energies of the three Buddhas of Activity Who create a triangle, closely related to the planet Saturn.
  2. The triangle of the three rays through whom the three Buddhas work.
  3. The three planets which are connected with the three Lords of the three rays and by means of which They express Their impelling energy. [270]
  4. - 5. Two interlaced triangles, created by the six constellations from which the three Buddhas of Activity draw Their needed energy and to which They are uniquely related through Their individual karma. These two interlaced triangles are the cause of the six-pointed star, so familiar among the many occult symbols.

From the Law of Analogy, another exceedingly important triangle is found in the human body and (esoterically considered) is related to the subject under consideration:

  1. The ajna center, embodying the directing energy of that body of activity which we call the personality.
  2. The throat center, which is peculiarly active today in all human beings; this testifies to the success of the creative work of the Buddhas of Activity. This, in its turn, has a small symbolic triangle of its own, to which I would call attention: the thyroid gland and the parathyroid.
  3. The center at the base of the spine. This is galvanized into activity at a certain stage of the evolutionary process, by energy emanating from the Buddhas of Activity Who are the least active at this particular time. It is an energy pouring towards the fourth kingdom but not directed towards any individual. These great Lives work through major groups. Their potency is such that it would otherwise prove destructive.

The purpose of Deity is necessarily embodied in a mental proposition; it is through this mental proposition that the three Buddhas of Activity implement Their work. I can put it no clearer. There will come a time in the experience of all initiates when - each for himself - a formulation of this mental proposition will be absolutely necessary. By means of this, each initiate will embody his individual understanding of the divine purpose as the Plan has been revealed to him.

This he can do only through the means of group experience, in cooperation with his group and when the group - as a whole - has reached a similar point of realization and [271] has together touched the fringes of this highest of all revelations for humanity. When, for the first time, they succeed in doing this, they will come - as a group - under the direct emanation of the Higher Three and under an aspect of the Council Chamber at Shamballa which has been hitherto unknown and unrealized. This will connote a high stage of initiation of the group and is, in effect, connected with inter-hierarchical activity. It is a working out into the consciousness of the group members of an event which has taken place within the Ashram of Sanat Kumara, the Hierarchy itself; this takes place through the stimulation of all the Ashrams at a certain Full Moon, and concerns the relation of the Ashrams as a whole to Shamballa, and not to Humanity.

Can you grasp something of what I am endeavoring somewhat unsuccessfully to convey? There is an ashramic activity of which disciples know nothing in their brain consciousness until such time as the third initiation has been taken and the results of it are then dimly but increasingly sensed. It is related to the interplay between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, but not between the Hierarchy and Humanity. It concerns the purpose and the plan as the latter is the instrument of the former. The event of realization takes place via the triad formed by a Master and His two senior disciples, or it is formed by three Masters all upon the same ray, as for instance, the Master K.H. and his Ashram, myself and my Ashram and another affiliated Ashram.

It is for this reason that in all exoteric groups connected with an Ashram, there is always a group leader and two others who are the reflection or the correspondence to the higher triad. This is part of the externalization of the Hierarchy which is proceeding rapidly at this time.

The importance of understanding the function of triangles is a prime necessity. A hint lies here for students in the political realm, where every country, under differing names, has its chosen ruler, and its ministers responsible for home affairs (or interior relations), and its foreign secretary, responsible for exoteric relationships. [272]

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