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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
Those responsible for the creative work upon the outer field must begin with the esoteric work. I am writing here for disciples, some of whom are members of my Ashram, and for the New Group of World Servers; these are responsible for carrying forward the work as planned. The two groups of triangles already formed are in reality building a thought-form anent this work which will evoke response from the true builders.

It will be apparent to you, therefore, that this creative work, with its intelligent and practical purposes and its ability when rightly functioning to unite the exoteric and the esoteric workers in one spiritual undertaking, originates in reality in Shamballa itself and was grasped - as to intent and purpose - by Masters upon the first and second rays, though primarily the second ray disciple and Master understood it the most easily. Later, when steady and systematic work has been done, and the idea is familiar to the public, this activity Will form an important part of the new world religion and be better understood; it will have its own inner group who will work entirely subjectively, building the triangles of light and of goodwill, and then will work objectively, directing the activities of those who are building the organizational aspect of triangles of practical goodwill on Earth with an effective subsidiary activity.

That time is not yet. Today we have the creation of a general thought-form or the germinating of the seed of an [276] idea. Later, when the true outer work begins, its potency will be objectively demonstrated because the Buddhas of Activity will gradually become aware of the existence of the thought-form in its nature of light and its quality of goodwill. They will then pour of Their life into it as need arises and emergency decrees. Then gradually "the will of God will hold sway," as our injunction expresses it. Paralleling all this will be the work of the men and women of goodwill throughout the world, but in itself entirely objective - worldwide and amazingly useful.

Disciples need to learn to think in terms of group synthesis. This implies the achieving by them of deepened subjective relationships and increased sensitivity to the higher impression and the inner inspiration. The vertical life of the spirit and the horizontal life of relationship must be expressed simultaneously in some measure, before the significance of these Rules can be somewhat grasped.

We have been considering Shamballa, and I have given you some information (hitherto not communicated in words) re the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara and of Those Who constitute its membership. I would pause here to remind you of two facts:

  1. Shamballa is a state of consciousness or a phase of sensitive awareness wherein there is acute and dynamic response to divine purpose - a response made possible by the synthesis of purpose and of spiritual relationship which exists between Those Who are associated with Sanat Kumara.
  2. Brotherhood, as it essentially is, constitutes a major mystery; also it is one which is only in process of solving, and that only on the two higher levels of the cosmic physical plane - those levels which we call the logoic and the monadic.

I am aware that you understand brotherhood in terms of the One Father and His children. That understanding is in itself so limited and inaccurate that it serves mainly to distort the truth; yet all that you can grasp at this time is [277] embodied in this concept. The nearest description of the true relationship might be said to be as follows: Brotherhood is an expression of the relation which the planetary Logos (on the cosmic mental plane) bears to His Personality as it expresses itself through the planet with all its forms of life, upon the cosmic physical plane; this relationship is focused through Sanat Kumara Who is the individualized Mind of that great Life. Wording it otherwise, the planetary Logos on His Own plane is to Sanat Kumara what the soul is to the human personality upon the physical plane in the three worlds. The sum total of the relation and of the relationships set up is, therefore, inadequately covered by the word "brotherhood". "Fellowship," so frequently used to express a similar idea, is in reality the mode whereby a dimly sensed brotherhood seeks to make its presence felt. The words "the fellowship of Christ" indicate the emergence of this concept subjectively upon the mental plane; this will be followed, as time elapses, by concrete manifestation upon the physical plane. It is this idea which lies behind the glibly used words "idea, ideal and idol," and which is also responsible for the growing sense of responsibility which characterizes all human advancement upon the way of life. It is this basic idea which governs the Council Chamber at Shamballa and which constitutes the motivating impulse behind the planetary expression of livingness. It is this also which characterizes the ideal for which the Hierarchy stands and which implements the Plan; it is this spiritual planning which results in the growing "forms of relationship" which today seem to be taking definite shape in the concretizing of the divine project: Right Human Relations.

I have written these opening remarks because it is this elevated understanding of brotherhood which conditions divine purpose and which leads to the spiritual planning that will give you the clue to the third major injunction, with this we shall now deal.

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