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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
Let us now consider the phases of transfiguration and transformation as far as is possible in an exoteric instruction, and "may transmutation disappear" for all disciples as time elapses, and that with speed - owing to the great need today for hierarchical workers.

It might here be asked: What is the work undertaken by the Masters Themselves upon the three planes of the Spiritual Triad? Students are well aware that many of the Masters are occupied with the evolutionary processes of the various kingdoms in nature in the three lower worlds. They forget that the majority are not so occupied. Have you ever wondered what it is that incites a Master to stay working in the three worlds and with His mind focused upon its evolutionary processes? Have you ever considered what else it might be possible that intrigued and demanded His interest? The self-centered attitude of mankind is inclined to believe that human need, and incidentally the need of the [282] other kingdoms in nature, are all that prompts the Hierarchy to carry on its work of salvaging and stimulation. But that is only a partial estimate of the work which They are doing. In the processes of carrying forward Their work, the consciousness of the Master is being steadily expanded, and this because of the nature of Their work in the three worlds; it necessarily becomes more and more inclusive. That is the effect upon Him, as He works on behalf of humanity or on behalf of the other kingdoms in nature. There is a definite and evolutionary effect. But on the higher three levels of the Spiritual Triad, another type of evolutionary impulse is directing His activities. I have told you elsewhere that consciousness (as we understand it) is being transcended, and a new aspect of universal sentiency is taking its place. To this development I have given the inadequate name of Identification. This is a word which involves consciousness, which invokes the will, which is dynamic in nature, inclusive in contact, and which is also based upon the doctrine of non-separativeness.

This, however, is only a beginning of an entirely new phase of development; consciousness eventually drops below the level of perception. It becomes as automatic and unregistered in its expression as animal instinct is to the human being. It functions, but the man is not consciously aware of it. It is a protective mechanism. The will aspect of the Monad supersedes but does not negate love (which has become, in its turn, instinctual); a one-pointed, rapier-like assumption of identification takes the place of the inclusiveness hitherto felt and practiced. Perhaps I can convey to you something of what I mean by pointing out that the circle with the point at the center is symbolic of the perfected man. He is rounded out; he is inclusive both vertically (soul contact) and horizontally (human relationship), yet he stands at the center of his consciousness and of its self-imposed ring-pass-not. From thence he never moves, but is aware all the time of all that proceeds within his sphere of influence. Here is the symbol of the Master, from a specific point of attainment. [283]

But the Master Himself is not static. His field of work is clear; His realm of contacts - human, subhuman and superhuman - is also clear. Within the ring-pass-not and in the world of sentiency and in relation to the world of loving understanding, He stands the Master.

It is at this precise point in time and space that the work of Transformation begins for the Master - a transformation which is brought about by the unfoldment and the development made possible upon the three levels of the Spiritual Triad. As this transformation takes place, a new activity supervenes which finally enables the Master to break through the planetary ring-pass-not, and thus arrive at the door of the Higher Evolution.

What I have now to say may be made somewhat clearer by means of the following symbol. The Master has now penetrated into another cosmic level, but He is still within the aura of the One Life. Now the cosmic astral plane is revealed to Him. He sees the reason why, first of all, sentiency had to be developed; why it had then to be used and mastered and finally had to be completely negated - negated in such a manner that it dropped below the level of consciousness. There is no glamor upon the cosmic astral plane, and only those who have dominated sentient reaction upon all levels of the cosmic physical plane and are completely free from it, can then - through the illumined will and through the power of that mysterious quality (if I may so call a factual expression) of identification - direct the lowest aspect of cosmic desire upon the cosmic astral plane. This necessarily has to be tuned in with that to which they are irrevocably related. This identification is therefore the highest expression of divine purpose upon the cosmic physical plane, even whilst it is the lowest aspect of the cosmic astral desire. Therefore, my brothers, the transformation with which this rule deals is the transformation of consciousness into identification. More than that I may not say. To express the true meaning I have no words or symbols.

In this line of approach through identification, the Master builds that of which the spiritual correspondence is [284] the manasic antahkarana. The antahkarana which is now emerging is a projection from the Ashram of a Master; there are, therefore, seven ways into the Way of the Higher Evolution. These seven ways correspond to the seven Ashrams upon the seven Rays; they are related also to the seven initiations, to the seven principles of man, and to all the other many septenates. It is the force of Will, generated by the Master, during the process of

  1. Attaining the fifth initiation
  2. Working in the three worlds of creative salvaging
  3. Achieving ashramic purpose and consequent group activity
  4. Manifesting ray energy
  5. Demonstrating a faculty which is known only to initiates who have passed beyond the third initiation.

This provides the focused intention which enables the Master to attain what is called transformation, and later, to project the dynamic impulse of His spiritual will in such a manner that He succeeds in piercing the planetary ring-pass-not; He is then given the freedom of the world, and not just the freedom of the worlds.

It will be obvious that I am dealing with the subject of the sixth initiation. When this initiation has been consummated, the Chohan then transcends the three worlds of the Spiritual Triad and is focused as a "projecting agent of the Lighted Will" as it expresses itself upon the monadic plane. This stage of unfoldment is in reality the Ascension initiation, the true significance of which will be revealed through the medium of the coming world religion.

There then follows, as a result of this, what is called the true Transfiguration. This enables the initiate to function upon the logoic or highest plane of the cosmic physical plane. This - in Christian phraseology - is called the "sitting down upon the right hand of God in Heaven." There the man who has attained this seventh initiation is transfigured. The first contact comes along the line which he has projected as a result of transformation; it is made with [285] That which has ever over-shadowed Sanat Kumara. The Chohan has now taken the seventh initiation.

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