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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section One - The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation
I have enumerated these three responses to the totality of the divine aspects because they are related to the antahkarana and must become defined and conditioned upon the mental plane. They are there to be found expressing themselves in substance:
  1. The lower concrete mind.
    The receptive common sense.
    The highest aspect of the form nature.
    The reflection of atma, the spiritual will.
    The throat center.
  2. The individualized mind.
    The soul or spiritual ego.
    The middle principle. Buddhi-manas.
    The reflection in mental substance of the Monad.
    Spiritual love-wisdom.
    The heart center.
  3. The higher abstract mind.
    The transmitter of buddhi.
    The reflection of the divine nature.
    Intuitive love, understanding, inclusiveness.
    The head center.
    Sacrifice. [466]

There are necessarily other arrangements of these aspects in manifestation, but the above will serve to indicate the relation of Monad-soul-personality as they express themselves through certain focused stations or points of power upon the mental plane.

In humanity, however, the major realization to be grasped at the present point in human evolution is the need to relate - consciously and effectively - the spiritual Triad, the soul on its own plane and the personality in its threefold nature. This is done through the creative work of the personality, the magnetic power of the Triad, and the conscious activity of the soul, utilizing the triple thread.

You can see, therefore, why so much emphasis is laid by esotericists upon fusion, unity or blending; only when this is intelligently realized can the disciple begin to weave the threads into a bridge of light which eventually becomes the Lighted Way across which he can pass into the higher worlds of being. Thus he liberates himself from the three worlds. It is - in this world cycle - pre-eminently a question of fusion and expressing (in full waking awareness) three major states of consciousness:

  1. The Shamballa Consciousness.
    Awareness of the unity and purpose of Life.
    Recognition and cooperation with the Plan.
    Will. Direction. Oneness.
    The influence of the Triad.
  2. The Hierarchical Consciousness.
    Awareness of the Self, the Soul.
    Recognition and cooperation with divinity.
    Love. Attraction. Relation.
    The influence of the Soul.
  3. The Human Consciousness.
    Awareness of the soul within the form.
    Recognition and cooperation with the soul.
    Intelligence. Action. Expression.
    The influence of the consecrated personality.

The man who finally builds the antahkarana across the mental [467] plane connects or relates these three divine aspects, so that progressively at each initiation they are more closely fused into one divine expression in full and radiant manifestation. Putting it in other words, the disciple treads the path of return, builds the antahkarana, crosses the Lighted Way, and achieves the freedom of the Path of Life.

One of the points which it is essential that students should grasp is the deeply esoteric fact that this antahkarana is built through the medium of a conscious effort within consciousness itself, and not just by attempting to be good, or to express goodwill, or to demonstrate the qualities of unselfishness and high aspiration. Many esotericists seem to regard the treading of the Path as the conscious effort to overcome the lower nature and to express life in terms of right living and thinking, love and intelligent understanding. It is all that, but it is something far more. Good character and good spiritual aspiration are basic essentials. But these are taken for granted by the Master Who has a disciple under training; their foundation and their recognition and development are the objectives upon the Path of Probation.

But to build the antahkarana is to relate the three divine aspects. This involves intense mental activity; it necessitates the power to imagine and to visualize, plus a dramatic attempt to build the Lighted Way in mental substance. This mental substance is - as we have seen - of three qualities or natures, and the bridge of living light is a composite creation, having in it:

  1. Force, focused and projected from the fused and blended forces of the personality.
  2. Energy, drawn from the egoic body by, a conscious effort.
  3. Energy, abstracted from the Spiritual Triad.

It is essentially, however, an activity of the integrated and dedicated personality. Esotericists must not take the position that all they have to do is to await negatively some activity by the soul which will automatically take place after a certain measure of soul contact has been achieved, and that consequently and in time this activity will evoke response [468] both from the personality and the Triad. This is not the case. The work of the building of the antahkarana is primarily an activity of the personality, aided by the soul; this in time evokes a reaction from the Triad. There is far too much inertia demonstrated by aspirants at this time.

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