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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations
It might also be said that this system of integrated energies is (through the initiatory process) confronted with still higher fusions, because initiation is a process whereby successive integrations - attended by consequent expansions of consciousness - become possible. These are - in their broader significance, seven, though entailing many minor points of integration - as follows: [564]
  1. Fusion of the energies of the soul-infused personality with the triple energies of the Spiritual Triad.
  2. Fusion with the Monad - of which the Spiritual Triad is an expression.
  3. Fusion with the world consciousness of the planetary Logos to a degree which makes the planetary life, with all its states of consciousness and phenomena, a major confining and constricting form for the initiate.

In connection with this final fusion, it is worth while to point out that, when this stage of development is attained, it then becomes possible to enter into the "exalted state of mind" which holds the planetary Logos focused in the consciousness of the sacrifice which He has made by means of the entire process of manifestation. As The Secret Doctrine has pointed out, this sacrifice which He has made on behalf of the untold myriad of lives which compose His body of manifestation, holds Him in physical expression until "the last weary pilgrim" has found his way home.

The extent and essential purpose of this divine sacrifice become increasingly clear to the initiate after the fifth initiation and constitute one of the prime factors which are considered by him when he faces the Initiation of Decision (the sixth initiation). At no stage of his unfoldment does he comprehend the basic purpose and (speaking occultly) the "dynamic extent" of this sacrifice, as it is implemented by the will of the planetary Logos. Nevertheless, he does respond to a mental understanding of the lowest objective aspect of this sacrifice and to the nature of the periphery, or to the imprisoning form (the sum total) in which the planetary Logos has chosen to imprison Himself. For the first time in his life experience he arrives at a comprehension of the principle of limitation. Beyond this exalted state of mental perception the initiate is not yet able to penetrate; he is limited by that sphere of activity which we call the seven planes, and which in their totality constitute the cosmic physical plane.

Many lesser fusions take place within the phase of initiatory development which intervenes between initiation [565] and initiation - a triple mental fusion between the three aspects of the mind (the lower mental vehicle, the soul or the Son of Mind, and the higher or abstract mind), fusion with the Master's consciousness, fusion with the ashram created by the ray energy which conditions his soul, fusion in consciousness with the sum total of the integrated ashrams which form the Ashram of Sanat Kumara. These successive and subsidiary fusions reveal to him the phenomena and quality of the two higher states of consciousness of the Spiritual Triad: the buddhic or the state of pure reason and the atmic or state of spiritually direct will intention. In giving you some insight into the relationship of the rays and the initiations, I find it essential to discover new and arresting words and word phrases by which to express the familiar hints and indications given by the occult groups who have sought to awaken the modern consciousness to the fact and purposes of initiation.

Initiation is a progressive sequence of directed energy impacts, characterized by points of crisis and of tension and governed - in a sense not hitherto realized - by the Law of Cause and Effect. This Law of Cause and Effect (from the spiritual angle) appears to the progressing initiate to reverse the process which has up till now governed his life. Instead of his being impelled forward on the path of evolution by spiritual energies which from higher spheres invoke and evoke his response and a developing expansion of consciousness, each successive initiation undergone, understood and demonstrated upon the physical plane becomes the cause and influence which propels the initiate forward upon the Path of Initiation. In one case the cause of progression is a streaming downward of the energies, producing effects in that which is thus stimulated; in the other case, the cause is to be found in the soul-infused personality and constitutes an upward movement of the initiatory self-directed activity, of the measure of love energy which his soul can express, and of the energy of will which is in itself the result of all the fusions he has at any given moment been capable of consciously focusing [566] and using. These are points which it will be difficult for you to grasp but which are of major importance.

The human being is influenced upon the path of evolution from above downwards; the initiate is directed from within upwards. It is this which formulates the underlying significance of the energy of free will and is something only truly possible through self-direction; this can be seen struggling for expression today in that great world disciple, Humanity.

These concepts are worthy of your careful consideration. The sevenfold energy which is today agitating mankind marks a turning point in human history and indicates the possibility of the transition of humanity on to the Path of Discipleship; on that Path freedom of expression and conscious self-directed living will become increasingly possible.

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