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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations
These are deep things whereof we speak; it is wise to remember that all crises in the material world - individual crises and those related to humanity as a whole - are governed by the Principle of Conflict, whilst crises in the spiritual world are controlled by the esoteric Principle of Decision.

The Principle of Conflict is the prime factor lying behind the evolution of form as the field of experience for the soul in the four kingdoms in nature: the human and the three subhuman. It is based on the intellectual factor of discrimination which is inherent in the smallest atom of substance, and which reaches its fullest expression in advanced humanity; the indications that it has achieved its purpose, as far as humanity is concerned, are to be found in the passing through the Initiation of Renunciation. The Principle of Decision which controls the Master governs His work within the Hierarchy, in relation to Shamballa and in connection with all the service rendered in the three worlds; it is based on the energy of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, just as the Principle of Conflict is based on the energy of the third Ray of Active Intelligence. [609]

This Principle of Decision, as a controlling factor, is put to the test at the sixth initiation, the Initiation of Decision; at that time, the will aspect of divinity summarizes in a unique manner all past achievements of the two principles and brings in a final cycle of unfoldment to which I can give no truly appropriate name, but which climaxes in the ninth Initiation of Refusal. You have, therefore, in relation to these principles (which are all related to the Law of Karma) three great initiations at which the effectiveness of the liberation brought about by their inherent action is finally tested:

1. The Initiation of Renunciation - 4th Initiation

  • The Principle of Conflict
  • Governed by Ray IV
  • Active in the Human Kingdom, the 4th
  • Leading to right Discrimination

2. The Initiation of Decision - 6th Initiation

  • The Principle of Decision
  • Governed by Ray III
  • Active in the Hierarchy
  • Leading to right Perception and Participation

3. The Initiation of Refusal -  9th Initiation

  • The Principle of liberated Being (shall we call it thus?)
  • Governed by all three major Rays
  • Active in Shamballa
  • Leading to one or other of the 7 Paths

In the above tabulation you have a wide and general picture of three major Principles, leading to three great spiritual events, each of which is an expression of the personality, the soul and the Monad. Where humanity as a whole is involved, the effect is upon the reincarnating soul of the human kingdom, then on the liberated souls of the members of the Hierarchy, and finally on the Being which is distinctive of the Council at Shamballa.

A planned synthesis thus appears, producing [610] immutability, inevitability and correct prevision; it is also the result of the liberation of free will, and in no way infringes the right of the individual man or disciple to make free choice, once the Principle of Conflict has made him aware of the basic dualism of the manifested worlds. This presents him with a battleground and a field of experience wherein he makes great experimental choices and comes eventually to correct orientation and to the door of initiation, progressively revealed to him as the result of right choice, right perception and right decision. Thus the nine initiations are covered.

The Principle of Conflict has a close connection with the Path of Discipleship, and here lies the reason for the inclusive and synthetic aspect of the present world conflict; though the physical aspects of the conflict are today greatly lessened (but are still present on a small scale in various parts of the world), the conflict is by no means over or yet resolved. It is still being violently waged by advanced human beings upon the mental plane and by the masses upon the plane of emotional reactions; it will be some time before the war truly is brought to a finish.

There could, however, be no disaster more serious than a too abrupt ending of this clash of the emotional reactions of humanity and of the current ideologies. It is essential that the issues become still clearer in the minds of men, prior to any final choice or decision. This must be remembered, and students would do well to avoid discouragement and train themselves to wait with spiritual optimism for the way of humanity to clear. Too prompt a choice at this time might prove only a make-shift decision and one based on expediency and impatience. The Hierarchy is in no way discouraged, though somewhat concerned that the factor of timing may not prove correct.

This Principle of Conflict is a familiar one to every struggling aspirant and conditions his whole life, producing crises and tensions, sometimes almost past endurance; they indicate nevertheless rapid development and steady progress. The activity of this principle is greatly increased [611] at this time through the medium of the following spiritual events (the full discussion appears on pages 741-760):

  1. The crisis of the ideologies.
  2. The awakening of humanity to better understanding.
  3. The growth of goodwill which leads to the presentation of certain fundamental cleavages which must be bridged by human effort.
  4. The partial "sealing of the door where evil dwells."
  5. The use of the Great Invocation with its extraordinary and rapid effects, at present unrealized by you.
  6. The gradual approach of the Hierarchy to a closer and more intimate relation to Humanity.
  7. The imminent return of the Christ.

There are other factors, but these will be adequate to demonstrate to you the increased expression of conflict on all the three levels of strictly human evolution. It is a conflict which has engulfed the masses in every land, which is still producing physical conflict, emotional strain and tremendous mental issues, and which will greatly lessen when the masses of people everywhere are convinced that right human relations are of far greater importance than greed, human pride, territorial grabbing, and material possessions.

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