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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations
The major conflict in Great Britain at this time is between the reactionary thinkers and those unskilled laborers in the political field who favor the socialistic ideology. This conflict goes deep and is undermining and destroying old forms and producing intense national friction in all groups and parties. One group is fighting to preserve the old order; the other group is fighting fiercely to abolish all the old ways in the shortest possible time; other groups are fighting for their various ideologies and complicating the problem. The interesting thing is that the conflict is largely between party leaders and their immediate convinced followers, with the mass of people questioning the wisdom, the capacity and the activities of both groups and slowly deciding that they like and desire neither of them, but (lacking real leadership) they know not what [627] to do. The predisposing characteristic of the British is a sense of justice and it is for this that the people seek. They find, however, that neither party has an effective plan or program, that both are animated by party politics, and that the interests of the people as a whole which could be served by a wise coalition are not of major importance to the present party leaders. This internal conflict is slowly, however, going to produce a harmony of purpose and of intention within the mind of the population; this will largely be the result of the increasing power of women in the land and their increasing penetration in municipal and national politics. The quality of the British historical retrospect has been predominantly masculine. Today the balancing factor of feminine interpretation and the feminine point of view is needed and will be provided. Great Britain, from the angle of its personality or material problem, is governed by the energy or Ray of Will or Power, whilst the soul of the country is conditioned by the Ray of Love-Wisdom. In this you have the presentation of a positive and a negative energy, and when they are fused and blended you will have a balance and a wisdom which is at present lacking.

In France, where the contributing rays are both along the line of the intellect, you have necessarily and naturally a strong materialistic influence and the conflict there is hard to resolve. It is ever the mind aspect which produces all the separativeness, the cleavages and the differences in the human arena in France, making it the playground of untold numbers of conflicting ideas, a diversity of groups and of clashing personalities, and leading to an intense preoccupation with France and its welfare; there is small interest in anything else, or in any other nations or groups, except as they affect France or the French people. The French are in no way as yet ready to balance conflict with harmony, even interiorly. The qualities of the mind - pride, self-centeredness, a separative attitude, a selfish planning and a materialism which penetrates deep into the mass consciousness - are dominating in their activity and are [628] focused upon the material well-being of France. There is no dominant ideology, so that the conflict is not lifted on to the ideological level, and until a recognized idealism begins to sway the French mind and the mass consciousness, France cannot grow; there is no basic religious or spiritual sense to be found on a large scale, because the mind which can so inspiringly illumine the plane of the spirit is focused primarily upon the three worlds of material living. This pronounced activity of the intellect, of which the French are so proud, is largely responsible for the situation in the political and economic fields in France, plus the difficulties which they share with all the nations which were implicated in the war. Any prospect of internal harmony is still far away but it will come. Forget not what I wrote much earlier in one of my books that it is France which will eventually reveal the true nature of the soul or of the psyche and inaugurate the era of true esoteric psychology. To do this she must inevitably find her own soul, and in finding it - through the medium of the illumined mind - she will bring light to humanity. The conflict now raging in France will eventually be resolved into harmony, and France will awaken to the higher spiritual values. Once her soul ray of pure knowledge is active, it will dominate her personality or material Ray of Active Intelligence, once the most powerful of all the rays. The task of the Ray of Harmony through Conflict is to bring this about, thus releasing France into the light.

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