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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations
The point, however, which is of major importance to us is the recognition that each of these three nations is distinguished by:
  1. A similarity of problem.
  2. A battleground which is leading to the formation of a triangle of relationships brought about through the Principle of Conflict.

The similarity of problems consists in the fact that each of these three nations is essentially composite in nature and is formed by an amalgamation of many nations, of many peoples speaking many different languages, and is consequently staging a great experiment in fusion.

  1. The U.K. is the nucleus or the living germ of the British Commonwealth of Nations wherein a great experiment in free government is being tried out; this gives complete internal freedom and choice to each related Dominion, plus an equally complete and free interrelationship. The Dominions are all of them independent nations, but belong to a united Commonwealth; a pattern is thereby presented for world consideration.
  2. The U.S.A. is a fusing center wherein all nationalities are represented and are being slowly blended into a miniature One Humanity. A great experiment in right relationships is being undertaken and is making real progress. A culture and a civilization will emerge which will be the [632] result of right human relations and which can provide a world pattern in relationships. I refer here to the presentation of democracy. There is nothing satisfactory yet in the presentation of the dreamed-of democracy. France and Great Britain are equally democratic, and more successful because more mature and experienced, but the "melting pot" of the U.S.A. will provide eventually the outstanding experiment in right relations because of its many races and nationalities - all blended together within the borders of one country.
  3. The U.S.S.R. is also seeking to blend and unite into one great national project many diverse nations and races - European and Asiatic - and the effort is still largely embryonic. In Russia a world ideology is being wrought out which (when proven) can be presented to the world as a model system; this, however, will not come as a result of dictatorship, nor can it be presented aggressively to the world. Russia is in reality - whether she realizes it or not at present - undertaking a great experiment in education and, in spite of evil methods and sinning against the soul of human freedom, eventually this educational process will prove convincing to the world and provide a world model. This can only take place when the present group of dictators and arrogant men have passed away or been forced out of power by an awakening people.

In these three great nations, therefore, the three major divine aspects are being brought into manifestation, thus laying the foundation for the new world order. All three are of equal importance.

  • In Great Britain - right human government - Will or Power
  • In the USA. - right human relations - Love-Wisdom
  • In the U.S.S.R. - right use of the mind - Intelligence

This must be remembered and taught, and men of goodwill everywhere should work for a closer relationship between these three peoples. These three points of a divine triangle of energy should not be isolated points, each holding its own point of tension; they should be related points, each point distributing strengthening energy to the other [633] points and admitting a free circulation between all points around the triangle.

These great world problems are also being worked out in each of these three nations:

  1. In Great Britain, the problem of socialism is being resolved and the sound judgment of the people will eventually balance the two conditions of a socialist program and free enterprise; this needs doing, for the extreme position in either case is untenable. This today presents a conflict which all the world is watching. The transition period between group living (in the true and spiritual sense) and the present and past period of an intense individualism is not easy, and in Great Britain the whole matter is being put to the test. The bridge will be built.
  2. In the U.S.A. you have the problem of the relationship between capital and labor awaiting solution; the conflict is fierce but a compromise will eventually be worked out if capital concedes certain arrogant powers, recognizes the rights of other human beings and demonstrates less selfish greed, and if labor will work with less selfishness, prove less exacting and evince a more understanding spirit. The bridge between these two great groups must and will be built.
  3. In the U.S.S.R. you have the problem of the leveling of the masses in all classes; this leveling has produced a low standard of living and the work to be done is to raise more than to bridge. This leveling produces serious conflict and one that is little realized by those who cannot penetrate into the sealed citadel which is Russia. It is really a conflict between the mounting human spirit and the force of the totalitarian regime which seeks to hold it down, killing individualism. The innate strength of the human spirit to rise has never yet failed, and this conflict will prove the agent in harmonizing many factors.

Within the comity of nations, certain of them have ever been prime agents for producing conflict. This is largely owing to their fiery temperament and their strong [634] emotional bias and condition. The Poles and the Irish are prime "catalysts of conflict" and are constantly instigating difficulties between peoples. Such has ever been their history. French aggression in the Middle Ages has also caused difficulty, and in later days, Germany became the prime agent of conflict. Today the Jewish people are engineering trouble, and it is interesting to note that the main contention in the past of Poland, lately of the Irish, and today of the Jews, is territory, thus evidencing a most distorted sense of values. There is in the last analysis but one world and one humanity, and in a shorter time than you may think boundaries and territories will mean but little. World citizenship will be the only factor of importance.

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