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The Archetypes of the Seven Chakras.

Table of Associated Archetypes.

The Wise person may acknowledge that we all have the positive and negative aspects in us and that, at the end of the day, we are all "a bit of both".






Base Chakra Earth Mother / Father Victim / Parasite
Second Chakra Sovereign Martyr
Third Chakra The Warrior The Drudge
Fourth Chakra Lover Performer
Fifth Chakra Communicator Masked Self
Sixth Chakra Psychic Rationalist
Seventh Chakra Guru / Teacher Egocentric

Further Explanation and Insights Into the Associated Archetypes.

1. Base Chakra Archetype.

The Earth Mother / Father.

This archetype is associated with nourishment, caring, and unconditional love. Attending to one's own inner child by mothering oneself and keeping safe and comforted, nurtures this positive archetype.

The Victim.

Victims let themselves become vunerable, needy and ungrounded. They feel that they cannot exert influence, effect change, or take control of situations.

2. Second Chakra Archetype.


These individuals are not necessarily any luckier than anybody else, but they will always see the positive in life.

The Martyr.

Martyrs revel in self-pity, they are the poor me's of society. They make what they regard as sacrifices for others that are rarely appreciated or even acknowledged.

3. Third Chakra Archetypes.

The Warrior.

The Warrior has power over themselves. The warrior element enables us to be successfully assertive with ourselves and with others.

The Drudge.

When life is a drudge, we are experiencing no power to make up our mind whether to get into the experience or not. This effects ourself and those around us.

4. Fourth Chakra Archetypes.

The Lover.

When we embody the lover aspect, we genuinely are enjoying life and thus can bring quite a lot of that quality to other people.

The Performer.

When we want to be enjoying life but simply are not, we tend to put on a show of happiness. This can be a bit wearing for other people and of course we are not being true to our own feelings. Thus, we become a pseudo-lover, a performer, and usually, not a very good one!

5. Fifth Chakra Archetypes.

Good Communicator.

The ability to be able to pass on information in an appropriate manner befitting the occasion and the recipients.

Masked Self.

Pain and trauma in childhood, and in later life, being told to "shut up", being made to feel worthless and thus feeling like we have nothing worth communicating. The sad child remains locked up in adult form unable to take responsibility for their lives.


6. Sixth Chakra Archetypes.

The Psychic.

Is in tune with their instinctual and emphatic self. The psychic doesn't just live by the book, they are able to bring their instincts and insights alive to serve life.

The Rationalist.

Having chosen not to trust their feelings and intuitive insights, the rationalist lives by a strict set of rules, does things 'by the book' and lives an increasingly limited life. The rejection of the positive archetype is generally due again to ridicule in childhood. "The sins of the fathers are passed on to the ninth generation."

7. Seventh Chakra Archetypes.

The Guru / Teacher.

Holds many keys to successful and happy living of this life.

The Egocentric.

Self-determination and tight control over their own lives makes egocentrics overvalue materialism. When this is no longer satisfying, they may find that they have not spent much time valuing the inner resources that can bring great satisfaction to life.


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