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Om Aham Mani Foundation

 Inner Self Awareness Exercises

Know Thyself.

"God, I-am, the Creation, Seven Days, and The Seven Chakras..."

An uninspected, unexplored life is a wasted life. Inner exploration and self-understanding is the only course of true and lasting change and happiness. Eventually, after many lifetimes, the individual discovers that "as within, so without."

We realise that all real and effective, self-directed change comes from inspecting and changing our internal environment. As we understand and change the inner, so too our perception of the outer world changes accordingly.

We all must do this eventually, so why not start today - right here, right now. It is the only source of true understanding and lasting peace and happiness.

That is why all the wise people say;

"Know Thyself, then the rest will follow."

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" - Self Knowledge and Conscious Self Mastery.


1. Behavioral Pattern Inspection

At the end of each 1/2 hour or one hour, make a brief note (audio or written) of your activities, thoughts, and moods of that time interval. After a couple of weeks, behavioral patterns will emerge. If you study the seven chakra system, you will realise that your behaviour is a manifestation of the play between these chakras. If we learn to understand and master the chakras, then we will have attained conscious self-mastery.

Read: The Energy Enhancement Book and A Fantastic Introduction to the Chakras.


2. Behavioral patterns and the Three Major Bodies

  • Mental Body: Thoughts.
  • Emotional Body: Emotions.

  • Physical Body: Actions.


The Personality, made up of all our behavioural patterns, dictates the availabilty of experiences of the combined contents of the three major bodies of the human being.


3. Keeping a recorded document.
  • Behavioral patterns emerge as we keep a daily journal or diary. This can be written or spoken - using a tape recorder, or even a video-diary.


4. We must first seek out and inspect that which we are NOW.
  • All our behavioural patterns must be accepted as they are: Good, Bad, and Ugly.
  • Only from this point can we implement consciouse self-mastery to direct our behaviour towards the preferred states of being.


5. Changing bad habits for good ones.
  • Examine our habits and drop all life-negative behavior patterns. Culture conditions many of our unwanted and negative behaviors.


6. Asking an important question

Q: Are you at present happy, clear of mind, contented, satisfied, caring, peaceful, and loving?

A: If not, then something is not right. Suffering and unhappiness is not your soul path.


7. Expanding our repertoire.

The word repertoire means the number of different responses that an individual can display;

  • Physically.
  • Mentally.
  • Emotionally.

By understanding our habitual reactions to daily events, we can begin to learn how to respond to affairs in a new fashion. Our repertoire determines the quality and experiences available to the individual soul / person.


8. We are all Actors on the Stage of Life.

The True identity of the indweller of all the individuals - all the actors - is the eternal and immortal Self; pure, unalloyed consciousness - God. The source of the ego / ahamkara is the eternal existence.

As Swami Satchidananda says;

"What happens at the end of a chess game? Do the pawns go into one box, the Queens into another, and the Bishops into a different box? No. All the pieces go back into the same box."


We must learn to act our parts well and perform all our activities for God - to please our Creator.