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Extract of Osho

Osho Extracts #01

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The Moral Man

A moral man is a repressed man

An impotent and unhappy man

He has to live at the minimum

He is always afraid

If he becomes too much alive

Then that which is repressed will

Start to assert itself

He never allows himself total let go

A moral man does not know freedom

The moral man never fits anywhere

He is a misfit

He does not look at what really is

He is very rigid

He cannot flow

Morality is a decoration of the ego

The moral have no courage or intelligence

Morality is comparative

To go beyond comparison is to become enlightened

Morality creates a division

The real becomes hidden

The outer becomes manifest.





Naturally Spiritual.

If you cannot be natural

Then how can you become spiritual

Spirituality is a higher state of being natural

The ultimate flowering of the spontaneous

One is happy when one is flowerlike

The idea of improvement comes from the ego

It is out of small things that great understanding arises

Drop waiting and start being

Waiting is a thought process

Being is existential.






To compare yourself with somebody in anyway

Is violent

To carry the idea of comparison

You are carrying the seeds of illness

Which will create misery and hell

Heaven is an inner space where you live uncompared

Right now be that

Start living a unique life

With the feeling of being special

Ambition enters

Comparison, jealousy and conflict enters

And your whole life is wasted on this nonsense

The devil disappears the moment your judgement disappears

Comparison comes from the human mind.






Uniqueness is non-violent

The very idea of being special

Means you have lost contact with yourself

The minute you accept your individuality

How can you not be happy?

When we compare

We are ungrateful

Never try to be special

Just express your uniqueness

Even after enlightenment

The uniqueness of the individual remains

Every flower is unique

Every snowflake different

Every poem the poets own creation

Try not to imitate

Try to be authentic

I know it is difficult

When we are brought up to be slaves

God loves variety

God loves individuality

There are millions of forms

And never a single repetition

Don't let love make you blind

Being unique is everybody's nature

Being special is relative

Comparison is misery's favourite friend

One should respect one's own being

An imitator is never a happy person

Because an imitator becomes untrue.



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