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The Gospel of Ramana Maharishi.





The wise mans heart is at the right hand - identification with soul. The fools heart is at the left hand - identification with body. The heart is another name for the reality and this is neither inside or outside the body.

Don't get attached to the ladder, to the process, do not get distracted by the circus stalls. Seek ye first the kingdom of God.

The most important thing is the investigation of the ' I '.




Consciousness is pure knowledge, the mind arises out of it and is made up of thoughts. The essences of the mind is only awareness or consciousness. However, when the ego overclouds it, it functions as reasoning, thinking or perceiving.

The Universal mind, not being limited by the ego, has nothing outside itself and is therefore only aware. "I am that I am"

The ego-ridden mind has its strength sapped and is too weak to resist distressing thoughts. The egoless mind is happy, as we see in deep sleep. Clearly therefore, happiness and distress are only modes of mind.





The individual being which identifies its existence with that of the life in the physical body as 'I' is called ego.

The Self, which is pure consciousness, has no ego-sense about it. Neither can the physical body, which is inert in itself, have this ego-sense.

Between the two, that is, between the Self or pure consciousness and the inert physical body there arises mysteriously the ego-sense or 'I' notion, the hybrid which is neither of them, and this flourishes as an individual being. The ego or individual being is at the root of all that is futile and undesirable in life.

Therefore, it is to be destroyed by any means possible then That which ever is alone remains resplendent.

This is liberation or Enlightenment or Self-Realization.

The ego or individual being is impermanent. You must not mistake the ego or the bodily idea for the Self. Everyone is the Self and indeed, is infinite. Yet we mistake the body for the Self.





The Self alone exists and is real. The world, the individual and God are like the illusory appearance of silver in the mother-of-pearl, that is imaginary creations of the Self. They appear and disappear simultaneously.

The Self alone is the world, the 'I' and God.

Everything, whether you call it illusion (Maya), Divine play (lila) or Energy (shakti) must be within the Self and not apart from it.






Are you born now? The task is to realize the Self here and now. Waking, dreaming, and sleep are mere phases of the mind - not of the Self. It is but a state of mind.

The Self must first be realized in the waking state.

Whatever is born must die, whatever is acquired must be lost, but were you born? You are eternally existent. The Self can never be lost.





Why raise the questions of what happens after death? Why ask whether you were born, whether you are reaping the fruits of your karmas, and so on?

Just as in dreams, you wake up after several new experiences, so after death another body is found. Just as rivers lose their individuality when they discharge their waters into the ocean and yet the waters evaporate and return as rain on the hills and back again through the rivers to the ocean, so also individuals lose their individuality when they go to sleep but return again according to their previous INNATE TENDENCIES. Similarly, in death also, being is not lost.

Latent potentialities withdraw into the heart at death, but do not perish. That is how beings are re-born. Nevertheless, from a higher perspective "In truth their is neither seed nor tree, there is only Being."

Those who after death take the path of light are not re-born, whereas those who take the path of darkness are born after they have reaped their karma (self-made destiny) in their subtle bodies.

A life time may be regarded as a day's journey upon the pilgrimage to Self-realization.

The real Self is continuous and unaffected. The reincarnating ego belongs to a lower plane, that of thought. It is transcended by Self-realization.

The birth of the 'I' thought, is a person's birth and its death is his death in body indentification.





The ajnani (unenlightened) sees only the mind, which is mere reflection of the Light of pure consciousness arising from the Heart.. Of the Heart itself he is ignorant. Why? Because his mind is extroverted and has never sought its own source.

Just as water in the pot reflects the enormous sun within the narrow limits of the pot, even so the vasanas (latent tendencies) of the mind of the individual, acting as the reflecting medium, catch the all-pervading, infinite Light of Consciousness arising from the Heart and present, in the form of a reflection, the phenomenon called the mind. Seeing only this reflection, the ajnani is deluded into the belief that he's a finite being, the JIVA.





The cause of misery is not in the life without. It is in the ego. You impose limitations on yourself and then make a vain struggle to transcend them.

All unhappiness is due to the ego.





Does the world really exist by itself?

Was it ever seen without the aid of mind?

When asleep there is neither mind nor world.

When awake there is mind and world.

The world neither exists by itself

Nor is it conscious of its existence

And what is the nature of the world?

It is perpetual change

A continuous, inerminable flux

A dependent, unself-conscious, ever changing world cannot be real.


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Sit in a comfortable position. With open eyes imagine the body to be just another object in the room.





The heart means the very core of one's being, the center, without which there is nothing whatsoever.

The Spiritual Heart center is not an organ of the body. All that you can say of the Heart is that it is the very core of your being.

Pure consciousness is indivisible, it is without parts. It has no form and shape, no "within" and "without". Pure consciousess, which is the Heart, includes all, and nothing is outside or apart from it. That is the ultimate truth.

It is coming down to the ordinary, bodily concept, that a place is assigned to the Heart in the physical body. But people do not understand (in general) non-body concepts. They cannot help but think of the physical body as the world.

The body is a projection of the mind, and the mind is a poor reflection of the radiant Heart - Which is non-different to the Self.





M: There is no alternative for you but to accept the world as unreal if you are seeking truth and the truth alone.

D: Why so ?

M: For the simple reason that unless you GIVE UP THE IDEA that the world is real your mind will always be after it. So long as the dream lasts, everything you see and feel is real.

Both wakeful and dream worlds are but creations of the mind, as long as the mind is engrossed in either, it finds itself unable to deny the reality of the dream world while dreaming and the waking world while awake.

If you withdraw your mind completely from the world and turn it within and abide thus awake always to the Self, you will find the world, of which alone you are now aware, just as unreal as the world which you lived in your dream.

Instead of indulging in mere speculation, devote yourself here and now to the search for the Truth that is ever within you.

Why worry yourself about the world and what happens to it after Self-realization? First realize the Self. What does it matter if the world is perceived or not?

If you hold onto the Self, you will not be deceived by the pictures. With the pictures the self is in manifest form, without the pictures It remains unmanifest.





Q: What stands in the way of my knowing myself or God?

A: Your wandering mind and perverted ways.


Q: Why does not the superior power of the Lord within remove the obstacles?

A: He will if you have the aspiration!


Q: Has God or the Guru any solicitude for me?

A: If you seek either - they are not really two but one and identical - rest assured that they are seeking you with a solicitude greater than you can imagine.

Because we give precedence to wordly things, God appears to have receded to the background. If you give up all alse and seek Him alone, He alone will remain as the "I", the Self.





No point parrot repeating "I am not body"

Watch body

Ask "Am I attached to this body?"

Feel the attachment that is there

Then you will know how much you are attached

And what themes your attachment takes

Desire and Aversion are both attachments





Prajnana (Super Brahman) is also beyond the three states of mind. Those are waking, sleeping, Dreaming. Because Brahman can subsist without them and in spite of them. It is that Reality (Brahman) that you should seek during your so-called waking state by tracing the aham-vrtti to its source.






What prevents the infinite undifferentiated Light of Consciousness arising from the Heart, from revealing itself to the ajnani?


Just as water in the pot reflects the enormous sun within the narrow limits of the pot, even so the vasanas or latent tendencies of the mind of the individual, acting as the reflecting medium, catch the all-pervading, infinite Light of Consciousness arising from the Heart and present in the form of a reflection, the phenomenon called the mind. Seeing only this reflection, the ajnani is deluded into the belief that he is a finite being, the jiva.

If the mind becomes introverted through inquiry into the source of aham-vrtti, the vasanas (latent tendencies) become extinct, and in the abscence of the reflecting medium the phenomenon of reflection, namely the mind, also disappears being absorbed into the light of the one Reality, the Heart (the spiritual heart that is).

That is the sum and substance of all that an aspirant need know.

What is imperatively required of him is an earnest and one-pointed inquiry into the source of aham-vrtti.

Self inquiry is really possible only through intense introversion of the mind. The three states of mind are waking, dreaming and sleeping.





His is the ever-waking state

Because he is awake to the eternal Self

His is the ever-dreaming state

Because to him the world is no better

Than a repeatedly presented phenomenon of dream

His is the ever-sleeping state

Because he is at all times

Without the "body-am-I" consciousness

Existence and awareness are one and the same.





Aham-vrtti - the concept of 'I-ness' or 'I am ness'

The aham-vrtti is equally and essentially related to each and every vrtti of the mind.

Without the aham-vrtti there can be no other vrtti, but the aham-vrtti can subsist by itself without depending on any other vrtti of the mind. It is fundamentally different from other vrttis.

The search for the source of the aham-vrtti is the search not merely for the basis of one of the forms of the ego but for the very source itself from which arises the "I-am-ness".

In other words, the quest for and the realization of the source of the ego in the form of aham-vrtti, necessarily implies the transcendence of the ego in everyone of its possible forms.





Take up the thread of the clue of "I-ness" or "I am ness" and follow it up to its source; because, firstly, it is impossible for anybody to entertain any doubt about this "I" - notion;

Secondly, whatever the sadhana adopted, the final goal is the realization of the source of "I-am-ness", which is the primary datum of your experience.





The ego has one and only one characteristic. The ego functions as the know between the Self and the physical body, which is inert and insentient.





In bodiless experience of pure consciousness, the sage is beyond time and space and no question about the position of the Heart can then at all arise. The physical body cannot subsist (with life) apart from consciousness.

Body consciousness is merely a monadlike, minature reflection of the pure Consciousness with which the Sage has realized his identity.

For the Sage, body consciousness is only a reflected Ray as it were of the self-effulgent, infinite Consciousness which is himself.

The Supreme state of Self-awareness is never absent; it transcends the 3 states of the mind as well as life and death.





Ego-Reality is the experience you are experiencing in the present moment. True Reality is when the experience and the experiencer are One - which they always are but the ego forms the sense of seperation.



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