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The 10th Insight.

The Earth's spiritual transformation is concerned with the UNIFICATION of the AFTERLIFE dimension with the earthly dimension. (ref: Energy Enhancement Book; The Integration of the Chakras and A Fantastic Introduction to the Chakras) Humans must fulfil this historical purpose. (The earthly dimension refers to the lower chakras, and the afterlife dimension refers to the higher chakras)

But at the same time there is FEAR (the ego/personality does not want to give up it's selfish ways), a reactive polarisation seeking to wilfully control the future with various technologies - technologies even more dangerous than the nuclear menace.


We have to understand the FEAR to RESOLVE it

We all want the co-incidences to come more consistently, but for most of us, this awareness is new and we're surrounded by a culture that still operates too much in the old scepticism, so we lose expectation, the faith.

We are co-creators with the divine. We are learning to use our visualisation in the same way it is used in the afterlife, and when we do, we fall into alignment with that dimension, and that helps unite Heaven and Earth.

Technological development is making labour valueless and splitting human culture into two groups. The haves and the have nots. Those who have investments and ownership in the world economy and those who are restricted to menial, service jobs.

In a world where the people are numbed and distracted, the only thing that sells is the unbelievable.

Our unspoken fears create blocks or crimps in the body's energy flow, and it's these blocks that ultimately result in problems. The fears keep manifesting in ever-greater degrees until we deal with them. Physical problems are the last step. Ideally, these blocks would be dealt with early, in a preventive way, before illness develops.

Body parts, thought of in the past as solid forms, are actually energy systems that can transform overnight.

The first step is to identify the fear with which the medical problem seems to be connected; this opens up the energy block in your body to conscious healing and focus it at the exact location of the block.

Finding the origin of fear is vitally important.



We are not healed by watching TV.

Come together with a group of people to help deal with this Fear that threatens our spiritual awakening.

Knowledge contemplated on merely intellectual terms, where the ego comes up with some fancy theory and never tests is against the challenges of life.

A group of souls whom you resonate closely with. These groups will remember who they are at a higher level and be instrumental in overcoming the polarisation of fear. A certain percentage of the population refusing to believe that a new spiritual awareness is emerging. Instead, they think that human civilisation is degenerating. This is creating a polarisation of opinion and belief. Human culture can't continue to evolve until the polarisation is ended. During a transition in culture old certainties and views begin to break down and evolve into new traditions, causing anxiety in the short run. Those that are afraid of change become more controlling to try to raise their energy. This polarisation of fear can be very dangerous because fearful people can rationalise extreme measures.

The polarisation of fear is still rising, and if we are to resolve it and move on, each of us must participate personally. We must watch our thoughts and expectations very carefully, and catch ourselves every time we treat another human being as an enemy. We can defend ourselves, and restrain certain people, but if we dehumanise them, we add to the Fear.

We either fear that human culture is falling apart, or we can hold the vision that we are awakening. Either way, our expectation is a prayer that goes out as a force that tends to bring about the end we envision. Each of us must consciously choose between these two futures.

Sexual union is a holy moment in which a part of heaven flows into the earth.

Sexual culmination creates an opening into the Afterlife, and what we experience as orgasm is just a glimpse of the Afterlife level of love and vibration as the portal is opened and the energy rushes through.

Before we are born, each of us experiences a vision of what our life can be, complete with reflections on our parents and on our tendencies to engage in particular control dramas, even how we might work through these dramas with these parents and go on to be prepared for what we want to accomplish.

When we have an intuition or a dream to pursue a particular course in our lives and we follow this guidance, certain events transpire that feel like magic coincidences. We feel more alive and excited. The events seem destined, as though they were supposed to happen.

When we have an intuition we're actually getting flashes of memory of our Birth Vision. Our soul group know us. They share the same Birth Visions, follow us through our life, and afterward stay with us while we review what happened.

We awaken to our Birth visions and then we can remember the world vision.

The soul group is able to remember some kind of larger vision that's behind our individual intentions, a remembrance that is necessary if we are to dispel the Fear.

Each of us comes here with a vision of how our lives can be, what we want to do. The intuitions we have, the dreams and coincidences, they're all designed to keep us on the right path, to bring back our memory of how we wanted our lives to unfold.

From the start, humans have perceived a Birth Vision, and then after Birth have gone unconscious, aware of only the vaguest intuitions At first, in the early days of human history, the distance between what we intended and what we actually accomplished was very great, and then, over time, the distance has closed. Now, we're on the verge of remembering everything. To remember what we knew in the afterlife and make this knowledge conscious on Earth.

As we awakened to pursue a higher destiny, we also lost the calm peace of unconsciousness Along with the exhilaration and freedom of knowing we were alive came the fear and uncertainty of being alive without knowing why.

If we die and we have been so immersed in our control dramas and routine as a way to repress the mystery and insecurity that is life; to such a degree that we can't even wake up after death, then we create these illusions or trances so we can continue the same way of feeling safe, even after we enter the afterlife. IT'S ALL A REACTION TO FEAR.

This is the time to handle the Fear in a different way; but if you can't then you fall back into the trance (control dramas) and if one doesn't wake up in the physical dimension, one might have difficulty waking up in the other. - numbing the mind and keeping away the anxiety that comes from lostness.

There is no evil only human fear and the bizarre ways that humans try to ward it off.


Fearful people want to control others.

The pollution of the biosphere won't completely stop until an alarmed citizenry pulls out their video recorders and takes it upon themselves to catch these people in the act. In a sense, business and the employees of business must regulate themselves.

If one believes that life is just a matter of personal survival in an essentially meaningless and unfriendly world, then it makes perfect sense to focus all one's wits on living as comfortably as possible and seeing to it that one's children have the same opportunities. But if one grasps the first nine insights and sees life as a spiritual evolution, with spiritual responsibilities, then our view completely changes.

We realise that we are here to bring the Earth dimension into alignment with Heavenly sphere.

If we don't follow the intuition, not only will the magic coincidences and the sense of inspiration and aliveness stop, but eventually we may have to look at our actions in an Afterlife Review. We'll have to face our failure.

The Earth dimension is deemed important. The physical dimension is where the true unification of souls is taking place.

We all have a piece of the complete Vision, and when we share what we know, and unify our soul groups, then we are ready to bring the whole picture into consciousness.



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