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- The Emergence of Egotistical, Narcissistic, Attention Seeking Strategies -
The Very Crucial Need for Safe Passage Through the Stages of Development.

The Toddler and The Need for a Thumbs Up Concerning Gender and Sexual Identity

All the narcissistic egotistical strategies (aloof, victim, violator, tyrant, competitive star, seducer) arise in the personality due to failed understanding and integration of second chakra issues during the toddler and adolescent stages of development. These issues include; the need to learn to accept "No", the need to overcome selfish desires and aversion, the need for safe passage through the Oedipus and Electra Complex, the need to feel like they are a useful, wanted, and loved member of the family. Failure of this stage will lead to Narcissism, Egotism, and Depressive illness in adolescent and adult life.

The need for attention that arises from these strategies is due to the persons need to complete these stages successfully. The attention that is craved is really a substitute for the guidance, understanding, approval, mentorship, encouragement and assistance that the young person requires for safe passage through these confusing and turbulent stages of development.

If the parents were unable to provide the safe passage required, then a deep betrayal is felt by the child, and these narcissistic strategies emerge as the child unconsciously calls out to them "Look at me, give me your attention, I need you to help me through this stage."

Failed safe passage and integration of these issues can lead to a life-long narcissistic egotistical attention seeking personality which is hell for the individual and all those who contact them.

The developing individual needs help and assistance to pass through these stages successfully and go on to lead a happy, fruitful, and satisfying life. Individuals who pass through these stages successfully are far more capable, intelligent, useful, compassionate, loving, responsible, alive and energetic adult people. They have more to give to life because they are less restrained, confused, and messed up than individuals who have not gained safe passage. The successfully integrated developing individual gains safe rite of passage which activates them to move on to the next Stages in their development and successful maturity - including successful exploration and management of the will power, ego, maturity of thought and feeling, and so on.

Narcissistic Personalities and The Illusion of Glamour are intertwined. Both place more emphasis on the external "look" of things above the spiritual qualities that reside within.

It is the mission statement of INTEGRATED CHAKRA MANAGEMENT to help all people to achieve SAFE PASSAGE through the Stages Of Individual Development.


Safe Passage Through The Oedipus and Electra Complex.

Beautifully explained in "The Family and How to Survive It" - Skynner and Cleese.

The young child needs to disconnect from the opposite sex parent, but first the child needs to receive affirmation and understanding that it's feelings towards the opposite sex parent are ok, but that they are not appropriate at this time in it's life and certainly not towards the parents. This criteria is met by the disconnection of the inappropriate second chakra connection and the creation and nurturance of the appropriate "heart chakra" connection. This helps the child to feel a real part of the family without the need to be flirtatious or attention seeking. They feel a strong loving connection with the family heart chakra and thus feel safe, secure and established as a useful, needed, and loved member of the family.

The child must understand that it's sexuality and sex organs are perfectly good and natural and nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed of. If the child is heavily chastised, embarrassed, and made to feel wrong and dirty about this important part of it's nature, then we are looking at a failed rite of passage and the definite emergence of those dreaded narcissistic personalities, and almost certain pain, confusion, and misery for the developing individual.

Remember that the second chakra corresponds to the Sefirah of YESOD whose meaning is FOUNDATION. The toddler stage of childhood is a real psycho-emotional foundation for the events of the developing individuals later life. The manner in which the toddler learns to deal with the emergence and identification of it's second chakra energy, will almost certainly be mirrored when the Adolscent Stage is entered. For example, the individual who was encouraged to feel guilty, ashamed, and repressive in the toddler stage will most likely repeat this behaviour pattern in the adolescent stage. Indeed, if a person is psychologically turned against their own second chakra energy, then we are most definitely looking at the emergence a deep mental illness, which will manifest as an extreme form of the Egotistical Strategies - homicide, suicide, rape, catatonic depression, psychosis, and schizophenia.

We find that the results of the lessons of the toddler stage are mirrored later in life during the Adolescent stage. What will happen to the individual who is deeply ashamed of their sexual organs and sexuality when they hit the adolescent stage? What will happen to the individual who is still deeply attached (in a juvenile way) to the second chakras of their parents? It is more than likely that the adolescent stage will be sabotaged, tragic, painful, or simply completely repressed. The individual may fall into the process and consequences of denial, which will only go to produce the disturbances of THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, which may result in the production of psychosis, deep neurosis, and other depressive illnesses like Schizophrenia.

Well managed safe passage through the Stages of Development can not only by-pass the threat of depressive illness and misery, but can assist the individual on the correct path which leads to an abundance of peace, love, and happiness for themselves and all others.

Can you now realise how very crucially important it is to approach the Sacrament of Marriage with the maturity and responsibility that it deserves?


The Adolescent and The Need for Encouragement, Understanding and Assistance at this difficult time.

Exploration of autonomy, sexuality, work, social interaction, groups, ideas, lifestyles. A further successful disconnection from the energies of the family and parents and the need for positive encouragement of interests and life outside of the family and parental environment.

The need for positive affirmation and nurturing of the developing individuals sexuality and maturity of emotionality.

The need for the individual and the parents to establish a new, appropriate heart chakra relationship, thus helping the parents to let go of the maturing young adult and also making it easier for the young adult to pursue their own life, independent of the family.

The requirements of this stage are met by the dissolution of the second chakra connections and the creation and affirmation of the appropriate "heart chakra" relationship.