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Om Aham Mani Foundation

Concerning the Source.

Gratitude to the Creator and Author of this Great Play of Life.

Know this to be True. This living and dying, eating and mating, saying hello and saying goodbye, coming, going, growing and decaying - it is all a play in the One Great Mind of The Immortal and Eternal Self - God. We are but players on this awesome and mysterious stage. When we go to a theatre and see a play, then we applaud at the end.

Yet everyday we play a part in the Divine Play of Life and we do not praise the Author one bit. We forget that we are just playing parts designed for us by the Great Designer of All designers and we put ourselves up on the pedestal of the ego. We believe our selves to be center stage and forget that it is not we who are the creators of the Divine Play. Who is it that provides the bodies? Who provides our sense of individuality? Who is the indweller and experiencer of all this diversity and variety, from the life of the tiny amoebae to the lives of elephants, whales, planets, and Universes? Who is filling up the lungs and beating the heart of each and every one of us?

Of course, it is the Lord of the Infinite Universe. The Self in All. The experiencer and the experience. It is the Universal 'I'. The Omnipresent One. The One who is both the stage and the actors, time and space, all phenomena that can ever be.

Let us then learn to be grateful for every blessed and wondrous moment of this miraculous and magical existence. O' Children of Man - know that this is all a Divine Play. There is no death for it is the Immortal Self that is the creator and experiencer of our very soul - our very sense of 'me'.

O' Radiant and Eternal Self in All. Blessed be Thy Kingdom and all its Creations. Let us laugh with thee as You experience this diversity through and around us.

For Thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, the living and the dying, the laughing and the sighing. Thine is this play. Thine is this soul. Not mine, O' Lord, but Thine. We are all thoughts held in your infinite mind. It is You who moves the planets and directs events. It is You who blows the winds and ruffles the seas. It is You, O' Magnificent One, who stirs the Oceans and swims in the bodies of the fish and eels. It is You, O' Ever Luminous One, who makes the bodies and bestows us with all our faculties and senses, so that we may come to Realise Thy Beauty, Ever Peaceful Being, and Playfulness.

This indeed is worth delighting in, celebrating your Wonderousness and Infinite Imagination. God is so great that even He does not know how great He is.

That is why He made all the souls and furnished them with many bodies. So that we could all experience His beauty and love, and eventually attain a human life so that we could learn to worship in devotion and love our Glorious and Ever Benevolent God of All Things Known and Unknown, the Eternal Romance between soul and Creator - The Divine Play of All Ages - The Self in All.


May All Beings Be Happy and Come to make this Realization their Own.

May Peace and Joy be with thee with this realization.

Om Shanti.