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The Conditioned Personality.

The Obstacle Of The Conditioned Personality.

So, the conditioned personality acts as a set of filters, rather like a dam of a water-reservoir. The personality only allows one to interact with those aspects of life that the filters allow.

The Personality acting as a set of filters between aspects of being. The conditionings of the personality dictate interaction with the collective contents of the three spheres of human experience.

The Personality is held in the chakras as a template of behavioural programs. By healing and working with the Chakras, we can become free from the dictatorship of our personality. Free to experience new ways of behaving and being.

The other aspects of life disallowed by the filters, do not simply disappear, for where can they go? They do not simply disappear. Instead, they are pushed into the subconscious mind and exert a stronger and stronger, often disturbing and uncontrollable, influence on the individual, creating the abnormal behaviour patterns that we witness in ourselves and others.

This influence gradually spreads through into the conscious waking state, we see a mild form of this activity within the phenomena of the "Freudian slip." Somebody means to say one thing but says something related but with a different meaning and this betrays the workings of their subconscious mind.

For example, "I wanted to consult Kenneth", may come out as "I wanted to kick Kenneth", betraying a subconscious anger toward Kenneth.

All the disallowed and filtered material goes to form the subconscious mind.

"All aspects of life are alright, if properly and appropriately expressed."

- Paramahansa Yogananda.

When we are young, we receive a massive conditioning process from our external environmental conditions - family and society. This means that we begin to form a subconscious mind almost straight away. This subconscious mind interferes with the natural living of the human being. This subconscious mind is the inner blockages. The subconscious material exerts its influence within the dreaming state and thus we can gain much insight into the contents of our subconscious mind via our dreaming. But why do this? Because the conditionings and blockages that cause the subconscious mind to arise in the first place, are often the very root of any unhappiness and disturbance within our conscious waking state.

We do not generally desire to be unhappy and disturbed. If we are to understand our behavior in the conscious waking state, then we must realize that the conditioning process has split our gestalt - our wholeness. The undesirable elements - undesired by our conditioners - form the subconscious mind and the desired elements remain accessible to the conscious waking state.

What is wrong with this conditioning process? Surely, it is necessary for the production of civilized people?

Well, this rather depends upon the manner of the conditioning! We must be realistic as to the nature of many peoples conditioning. The general conditioning process involves an unconscious passing on of prejudice, opinion and world view which, for the most part, have little, if anything, to do with producing good and civilized folk. Often the conditioning process merely produces carbon copies, replicas, of the parents and other authoritative figures in the child's external environment.

Generally, the conditioning process produces disturbed and unhappy people, who do not understand their own behavior.

This is not a desirable state of affairs - would you not agree?

However far we try to run from our subconscious mind elements we can never escape in this manner. The only way to solve the problem is to investigate what is troubling us. Fortunately, there is much help for the sincere person.



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