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Heal the past, it is just a set of habitual behaviours - if they are working, and you are growing then good - if they are not then find a way to change them - heal the past; Heal the inner child, inner adolscent, inner young person - use The Techniques of Energy Enhancement. Stop travelling over the same ground coming to the same places, having the same experiences again and again.

Your life is an experiment in energy. Your soul and the consciousness that you experience, your intelligence, the state of your body and mind - are all dependent on the energy level that you operate at.

There is no success or failure - that is only a behavioural conditioning. No job is better or worse than another - if you bring your awareness to it.

Clinging to old behavioural patterns - existing at the same energy level makes for a repetitive experience. Keep experimenting - PLAY with your experimentation - keep this enquiry and wonder fresh. Nothing is lost, only rusty.

The only guidelines are really those of harmlessness to yourself and others, and try to cultivate a deep and great respect for life, for existence in its entirety.

You are a playful investigator. Try to remain light hearted - even in the face of what appears to be great adversity. The more serious, heavy and rigid you become, the less you will be free to remain the playful, investigator. Existence is so vast and everything is provided - it is indeed a great adventure if you remember these guidelines.

  1. Harmlessness
  2. Playfulness
  3. Light hearted-ness.



There is nothing wrong with desires - but remain playful, don't become serious. In playfulness, you have clarity - you can witness all that is within you and without you and the interplay of these things. In seriousness, the desires become unhealthy obsessions, you lose your witnessing - you become hard and inflexible.

The key to overcoming habit is to cultivate and maintain an awareness. This awareness is not something forced, it is there all the time - we just need to be aware of it. Again, playfulness and light heartedness will overcome the fear of mistakes and self chastising when we continue to act in the same old way. It may be useful to use a trigger object or something that symbolises this awareness to remind us when we fall into old behaviour patterns. It may be a locket or wristband or a word, y'know something like that - something that brings us to the moment and acts as a trigger that reminds us to remain aware.

Your awareness is not your knowledge - remember that.



Intellectual capacity and knowledge are not intelligence. Our real intelligence is this awareness and this awareness is forever young and fresh. Don't get put off at this point when I say (yawn, here we go again) that this awareness is shared by the whole of existence. All the time that we live, what appears to be a very mundane earth-bound life, the whole of existence is in a state of constant flux. The creation is a 'creative'. The only thing that remains constant is this delightful and joyous awareness.

The key factors are realization and integration.



As it is an experiment, you can now begin to experiment in the here / now. As you begin you may feel a great trembling and fear inside - this is because at this point the conditioned personality (egor persona - all the conditioning, behavioural patterns, belief systems, taught morality, that shut us off from being truly aware) gets threatened. For some time, you may feel like you are splitting up and going crazy - this is perfectly natural. It is like a tug of war, the personality on one side and awareness on the other. The best policy is simply to let go of the rope and watch the conditioned ego/personality fall flat on its face.

Remember, playfulness and harmlessness. It is of importance to mention that as you begin to leave the ego, like a snake shedding its skin, you may become aware of others ego's. This is ok - just remain aware and be prepared to face some stick. But if you always move to awareness then you will begin to gain confidence. You will become free from the opinions of others - because you will know without a shadow of a doubt who you are! Just be-aware and DON"T TRY TO HELP OTHERS UNTIL THEY COME TO YOU - otherwise you will get another bondage of the do-gooder ego or the great spiritual ego!



When dealing with others, show respect: say something like; "I respect your opinion and the right for you to live your life according to your own beliefs." But don't get arrogant! Until you are completely centered in awareness then you are not free from the ego, and if we are not 100% free from the ego then we can still fall back into it. There is much good advice in the world. Respect what you are told - but allow yourself to feel if it is relevant to you - and I emphasise feel, your intuitive feelings and INSIGHTS are far closer to your truth than the logical and rational mind.

Which brings us to the mind. The mind is a tool for you to use. Centered in awareness, we can begin to witness the workings of our mind and the climates of our emotional being. We can also spend sometime refining our minds - remember to be playful - don't try to force anything.



Look after it, treat it with the greatest of respect for it is our vehicle on the earth plane.



Mostly corrupted by our own stupidity, society, and parents. We perceive through many layers of conditioning. We very rarely perceive reality as it is - but as we think it is, or how we have been conditioned to perceive it.

With our new found awareness we can take a walk in a new world. See the old woman and the new born child. The body belongs to nature, to matter, but who is the occupant? See the flower and the bird on the wing, the dog and the pigeon - see with new eyes the whole of existence, include it all - it is all you and you it. The names and forms may change, but what can die, who will be reborn? Free from ego, you are part of the whole. You now have eternity to relate to the whole.

You can relax and enjoy - we are not going anywhere.



Ask and so you shall receive - after all, the worst thing that can happen is you get rejected, and if at first we don't succeed try and try again.

The whole of existence wants you to become enlightened, to grow and to keep growing, to vibrate to higher and higher energy, to flower into many wonderful flowers and to bear exotic and delicate fruits. Don't get me wrong, everything is a miracle - the ordinary is extraordinary. YOU ARE THE CENTER. And as we grow we help all others to grow too! Help all up the creek. Care and nurture. Anyhow, back to the point - take courage oh beautiful men and women - ask and so you receive - give and more will be given. And that last one works both ways - give out bad vibes and so they shall return, manifold - believe me yeah!



See God everywhere, with loving eyes and full hearts be with God. Once you open your heart to the divine then you will know all. You will intuitively know wrong from right, bad action from good action. Ask yourself - is it an act of LOVE and listen to the reply.

An act of love from the heart is the noblest action for the human being to perform.



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