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 The Higher and the Lower Self

Unity and The Higher and The Lower Self.

The higher and lower self are twins in one. The society of the Inner Light refers to the Higher Self as the Evolutionary Personality, while the Lower Self is called the Incarnationary Personality. Other organizations refer to them in various names.

The higher self is evolutionary because it endures forever, but the lower self is incarnationary because it incarnates to earth and dies after the end of each incarnation.

The higher self remains in the inner plane while the lower self comes to earth. As the lower self faces life on earth, it relays its experiences to the higher self.

The lower self continues to incarnate until we overcome the imperfections in our soul, past and present (samskaras), learn to link up with our higher selves and so achieve AT-ONE-MENT with our God (samadhi).

When a lower self dies, the spiritual and mental bodies go to the higher self, and are united again. If the lower self has been purified completely before earthly death, then the spirit goes to the "final bliss" for the higher self now absorbs it and both are spiritually united in harmony. From then on, the incarnatory personality ceases to reincarnate.

We should not make the mistake of assuming that it is only after death that the higher self can absorb the lower self. No. If the lower self is sufficiently purified, it is capable of "bringing down" to earth its higher self. When this happens, the individual has fulfilled that vital aspect of our Lord's prayer where it is said: "Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven". God wants us to do His will here on earth. The higher self knows the will of god. Once it takes possession of the lower self, that individual has become God-like.

It may be explained here that insanity is the refusal of the lower self to accept the authority of the higher self. And evidence abounds where people have become disconnected from their higher self. Generally, mainstream societies do not recognize or nurture the spiritual aspect of humanity and are much more interested in producing utilitarian robots to serve the powerful and ruling elite.

What is the key to the bringing down of the Higher Self into the lower self while still in incarnation? The key is mind training - concentration and meditation. The mind of man is restless and therefore the body is too. The evolutionary personality is a cool, collected and quiet being. It cannot live in a residence - human body and soul - that is distorted, restless, and polluted. When tempestuous danger confronts one in the astral plane, the Higher Self often enters into the etheric body to bring one out safely, and it returns to Its abode after the assignment which happens in a flash. This takes place only if one's etheric body has been purified thereby placing one in direct alignment with the Higher Self.

The mind must be trained to control the body spiritually. When there is serenity in man, the way has been paved for the Evolutionary Personality to come there and live permanently. This is what is known in occult as "earthing" the spirit.

There are many advantages to the person who achieves this and their environment benefits from it tremendously. They becomes an oasis in the desert of life. Apart from this, they too will surmount all earthly temptations which haunt humanity and millions of people will derive benefits from their achievements or programs through their inspiration.


The Union of the Higher and Lower Self is diagrammatically represented in
The Star of David and Solomon's Seal.


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