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Om Aham Mani Foundation.
What is the Self ?

Well, what indeed is this entity that everybody is calling various names or non-names, as the case may be ?

And here is a story to start on!

A devotee ask's his teacher,

"What is spiritual practice, oh Wise Teacher?"

The teacher replies wearily,

"It is the product of your own forgetfulness, oh Universal One!"


Self, God, The One, Absolute, is as the latter describes, The Absolute Nature of the phenomenum that we have named 'Life'. It is life in it's entirety, life eternal, the phenomenum of experiencer and experience, the observer and the observation, these two as One Entity. Life is eternal, only the names and forms of its appearence, onto itself as the perceiver and itself as the perceived, only these things doth change, in seemingly endless fluctuating patterns.

Imagine the entire experience of the known Universe (only one of the many dimensions of arrangements of energy that 'I', as humans, perceives) being experienced by One Being - this is Self. Hello Self! Old Selfy, Om Tat Sat Self! Hare Self !, Om Nama Self! Same Self ! One Self!

One conscious entity (The One). Now contemplate all the aspects of life as we (The One as the Many) humans can perceive, it might help to write some catagory headings down, such as: Science, Economics, Food, Bodies, Intelligence, Mind, Functionality, relationship, feeling, imagination, expression, mood, etc..,

These are all aspects of life that are held within the One Mind the experiencing medium of The One - La Self ! What is the nature of this One Mind ? It is the expression of diversity, variation, relativity, change, measurement - that is the flavour of it's nature.

So, what is the nature of being Human ? The Human entity is just one of the many life forms - imaginations - that is a thought within the One Mind. So how should we live ? In goodness, awareness, understanding, love, peace, joy, entirety, grace and grit. These are some ideas of enlightened thinkers.

What is very important for us to realise is that we, humanity, are an intelligent creation of The Self. We are expressions of that entity - and in our more enlightened moments, we are very wonderous and beautiful beings ! It is the purpose of all real spiritual teachings to bring the individual to this understanding so that they may live more of the time is this awareness, and thus be more in the moment.


We are an intelligent expression of The Self.

The Seven Major Chakras aligned along the spine.

The Mind of the One is the Expression Tool for the Absolute Consciousness to experience diversity and, thus expression of thought - ideas. The One (call it what you may) and it's Mind are eternal phenomenum - remembering that time and space and relativity are merely expressions, concepts of this eternal mind and are not in existence outside of 'Thee Mind'. I will begin to use the expression 'Thee Mind' as reference for The Mind of The One - as opposed to our own human minds, which in themselves are expressions of Thee Mind - and the connectivity of one expression to the next is continuous - everything is held within Thee Mind.



One Awareness - the thread of all the beads.

Consciousness. One Entity. One thread of awareness that is the experiencer of the contents of Thee Mind. It is the same entity that experiences humanity and also all other species and the Universe in its totality. It is a UniSystem - One System - complete interconnectivity. We are witnessing the expression of this interconnectivity in a big way with the birth of computer networks, and especially The Internet.

The One Self experiences all. This is why Shakespeare said "The whole world is but a stage and we are all actors upon it." Let us play our parts well and be in awe and wonder at the Divine Intelligence that has created All Of This. What intelligence is this ? Indeed it is Divine. Take any human aspect and extrapolate it to infinity, and we can begin to get some idea of the complere awesome-ness of The Self, old Ballum Ballah, Jallah Pallapenny.

With this new awareness, we can view life in quite a different way - in awe and wonder at our Original Parent - The Most Magnificent Self ! All is a creation of this, and the Source of us all is indeed non-other than The One. The consciousness of each one of us, as individual people, is infact the same consciousness as The One. That it why in Yoga we sometimes say (on a good day !); "Satchidananda - Tat Twam Asi" - meaning "Truth, Consciousness, Bliss - Thou art That" ! Just as a reminder when we forget.

Celebration of this revelation is a good idea!


And here is a story to end on!


A devotee ask's her teacher:

"What is spiritual practice, oh Wise Teacher?"

The teacher replies wearily:

"It is the product of your own forgetfulness, oh Universal One!"


May All Beings Be Happy and come to know of their Own True Nature - Self Realisation for All.


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