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Chapter 3.13

The Meaning of Ancient Symbols.

The Pyramid and the Om or Amen.

Cheops Pyramid.

The Pyramid is used as a visual psychic symbol whose potency is that of the OM or Christian Amen. The OM is the sacred word of the Hindus but is also a major teaching on enlightenment. It is composed of three syllables, AUM.

The Sacred Om.

As taught to me by Swami Satchidananda, when chanted with visualisation it becomes Mantra Yoga whose aim is the energetic understanding of Enlightenment.

He jokes that this is a ladder, Jacobs Ladder, which can take us up to heaven. Unfortunately the literal minded are the ones who put these Ladders, the Bible or the Sacred OM on the Holy altar and chant "Oh Holy Ladder, Please take me up to Heaven." These techniques are not intellectual. They lead to a right apprehension of energy. They must be used.

  • A, in a deep voice. Feeling the vibration deep in the base chakra, and visualising the position of the base chakra. This note is the fundamental. Never lose it whilst entering into the other notes.
  • U, move the energy, the vibration, the visualisation, into the heart.
  • M, to the nasal cavity, just behind the nose. To the forehead or Ajna Chakra. The top of the head or the crown chakra.

As your breath fails you send the energy up into the centre of the universe and down into the centre of the earth.

The pyramid has a four-sided, square base. The base chakra is always symbolised as having four petals or sides. As it rises higher, the pyramid comes to one point, symbolising the Crown Chakra. Thus, it is a visual representation of the OM.

For thousands of years, the visualisation of the pyramid with this understanding, has been done by advanced initiates of the race. Leaving the pyramid as a potent thoughtform to be used in meditation.

Level One of Energy Enhancement uses this thoughtform in the regulation of, and protection from, entities. Entities are living thoughtforms, either people who have died or thoughtforms which have been created in psychic space for a purpose.

When Negative entities enter into you aura they perform their function. They parasitise your Energy field for life energy. Their negative energy upsets your emotions causing you to be upset and angry or depressed, even manically depressed.

Usually an entity is the cause of all major diseases, cancer, heart disease, etc.

Positive entities are psychic powers or Angels of all different potencies or levels of evolution or height capability on the Astral and Mental Planes.


It has been said that "A man has Entities like a dog Has Fleas!" They have migrated to more evolved people through osmosis as the entities search out a brighter energy source. They jump onto you from other people. They have been placed in your Aura by Black Magic groups in many of your past lifetimes, to drain your energy back to the group, and to prevent your evolution, where they stay on until removed by something like Energy Enhancement.

Healing hurt Angels.

Learning how to Heal the negative and hurt Angels and thus heal yourself is an advanced function of the teaching of Energy Enhancement.



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