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Chapter 3.24

The Meaning of Ancient Symbols

The Chalice - The Search for the Holy Grail.


Attainment of the Holy Grail.

This is the search for the Holy Grail. The Cup of Christ is that which gives everlasting life. It is said to be a Chalice or cup brought to England, to Glastonbury, to the Chalice Well Trust, by Joseph of Arimethia who was given it by Christ.

It is really the search for the Divine in all of us. It tells us not to be content with getting more energetic, with being stronger and more attractive. It shows us the direction into which we are meant to put our energies to save us from our own selfish egotism.

The symbol of the chalice is that it is empty. Only when our minds can become empty at will is the chalice able to be filled with the pure energies and thoughts of God and our higher selves. This is the sanskrit "Chitta" of Satchidanand. The mind space, free from thoughts. This is the "No Mind" of Zen. This is the spring at the top of the mountain. This is when all the seeds of our karma are burnt.

In Sanskrit, seeds translates as "bija" and no translates as "nir". This is Nirbija Samadhi. No Seed Samadhi. The final Samadhi of the seventeen described in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This is Enlightenment. And what is it? It is when we can listen to the still small voice within us. When we can say "Not my will but Thy Will be done."


It is a very active state, because we have much to do.

Swami Satchidananda told me that there are many fires on this planet and many people rushing around with buckets to put them out. However, many people have their buckets filled with petrol. They are filled with much negative emotion, fear, and anger. They have not yet become filled with pure, clear water from the spring at the top of the mountain, Sahasrara or the Crown Chakra.


The White Dove.

The white dove always symbolises the coming down of the spirit into the chalice, the quiet mind. We can only be King when we are in contact with our Crown - The Divine right of Kings. When we are filled with the pure clear water of God then we are all Kings. We can start to put out fires. We then become masters of our soul, our higher self. We are the captains of our destiny and have nothing more to seek.

The Chalice in the Moon, Star and OM Symbols.


The Moon Symbol is a symbol for the Chalice or the empty mind, free from unwanted thoughts. The star for higher levels of energy. The star can symbolise the soul, or God, Allah, Brahma. Mohammedans use the moon and the star.

The Moon and the Star Symbol.

Even the OM symbol contains the Moon and the Star.

The Ancient Om Symbol.

Let us study fig 3.19c(5). Here we have the Om, from Hindu and the StarMoon Symbol, from Muslim sources, put in correct juxtaposition.


The Om and the StarMoon in correct juxtaposition.

The Om Symbol without the StarMoon looks to me like the Hips, the base chakra, the bottom, with a Kundalini snake coming out of it, up the spine waiting for the descent of Spiritual Energies from the StarMoon.

This explanation could be really nice for Ecumenical purposes - the Synthesis of Hindu and Muslim symbology - as an explanation of the workings of the Base and Crown Chakras; of Ascending and Descending forces.


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