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Chapter 8.5

The Blockages of the Base Chakra.

Insecurity and the Body.

The fear of losing our job, our house, our security creates a great deal of general stress. This fear, held in the base chakra, relates to many health problems in the legs, knees hips, lower spine and head. Any stress of a mental kind eventually exhibits as emotion and then physical problems in the body as eventually stress held over the years becomes greater in an additive way. Eventually the last straw breaks the camelís back. We become physically ill and die.

This fear, held in the base chakra, relates to many health problems in the legs, knees hips, lower spine and head.


We must clearly see the application of this wrong thoughtform in our lives, in our personal history, to date.

Through the techniques of Energy Enhancement we can transmute all the Pain and Fear within. This is the perfect act. The Perfect Act is when no harm or pain is created, and one person at least is benefitted. Then this one person can even be yourself. This is the application of the Law of Harmlessness. Then we can pull out this wrong thoughtform of selfishness by its roots.

With no fear and no pain we can begin to work for the benefit of the world. We can begin to work selflessly, unselfishly.

The benefit is that as we give, so shall we receive. We should know that as we work so we shall be benefitted also.

The benefit is one of the Laws of Abundance.

The ultimate test of that vanquishing of fear is what the Tibetan Lama Zopa said to me. From the depth of his knowledge of all his previous lives. "After all what can they do? They can only kill you!"


There is also the story of...

"The Buddhist Priest and the General."

During one of the many wars, which always afflict this planet a General was given orders to subdue a town. As always, base chakra fear is the easiest way. He made examples of the populace and shot a few, "to encourage the rest."

Indeed these were the very words used when the Romans used the practice of decimation, they killed one in ten in the mutinous Roman Legions, "To Encourage the Rest." However, on entering the temple, he was made angry when a priest ignored him and continued his meditation.

The General pointed his gun and said,

"Donít you know that I could kill you without turning a hair?"

The priest gently and gracefully turned and said,

"Donít you know that I could let you kill me without turning a hair?"

The test is not to behave in an inhuman manner no matter what the provocation.


It is well documented that Jewish Rabbis in the concentration camps refused to clean out the death ovens because to do so they would be collaborating with murderers. They were immediately shot. One at a time. Then the next Rabbi was asked and shot. The guards then asked someone else, a normal person, to do it.

If you were that person, what would you do?

To lay down ones life for another is a Christian ideal exemplified by Jesus Christ.


Tests - Don Juan would not be in that situation

When the test has been overcome then the last stage is to be like the Mexican Shaman, Master Don Juan Matus. His students asked him,

"Don Juan, what would you do if there was a man with a powerful rifle with telescopic sights over the brow of a hill, just waiting to blow your head off when you walk over it. What would you do?"

Don Juan said, "I just would not be in that situation!"

If you are, or have been, in any situation, then you are being tested. Any difficult situation. Then it is because you have something to learn - when you do the wrong thing, the feedback is pain. If it is because you have something to prove - when you make the right, most human, choice the feedback is joy. Don Juan described these situations as being provided by a perfect enemy. The perfect enemy provides us with someone, or something to test ourselves against. We need to prove our victory over ourselves, over our fear, again and again. Until we are perfect.


Practice makes perfect.

We can release some stress, pain and fear through yoga, dance and meditation, the preliminary techniques to Energy Enhancement techniques. The cure of stress is to release the blockages of fear in the chakras, to learn the techniques of Enlightenment, through all the techniques of Energy Enhancement, itself.

It says in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, "Enlightenment comes through practise and non-attachment." We have had the practice, now lets get to the non-attachment needed in relationships, and the relationships are governed by the second chakra.