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Chapter 11.1

Strategies to Steal Energy from Others.

Strategies to Steal Energy From Others: Patterns that Prevent Freedom.

Most relationships tend to become battlefields for this energy. The children and the parents compete for energy because they fear not having any. No energy means you could die. It is like the survival of the fittest.

The children learn their strategy for a limited amount of energy which their parents possess. We then use this strategy to gain attention and therefore energy, without knowing we do, automatically and robotically for the rest of our lives.

If we are lucky we can learn to limit the bad effects of this strategy by seeing how we ourselves fit into the pattern.

Each pattern limits us and prevents our freedom. All the theories of introvert and extrovert; oral, rigid, masochistic, psychopathic, schizoid. The Space Jockeys, the Intellectuals the Pleasers the Blamers. All different types of Tyrants. All the character patterns of the signs of the Zodiac.

Learn how to HEAL all your childish selfish Thoughtforms. Note that all these strategies can be used unselfishly for a good purpose if we wish. However, if we use them selfishly, these Strategies which we All use unconsciously to steal energies from others can lead us into painful situations which can depress us and which can lead to destructive patterns in our lives.


The Aloof Strategy.

When we remain quiet then our mothers often ask if there is a problem. The strategy has worked! We have caught the attention, the energy, the love of our mothers. Because of this people remain quiet and show no love at inappropriate times, simply because this strategy worked once.

The Poor me Strategy.

Further than the aloof strategy the Poor Me gains energy by being sad or sick, sometimes an Alcoholic or a Drug Addict. They are so sad that one feels guilty to be happy in their presence. Needless to say, this childish personality will do anything, hurt or even kill themselves to gain your attention and your Energy!

The Interrogator or Star Strategy.

By asking questions or telling jokes only to gain approval, attention and therefore energy. The Fame Game destroys your fame diminishes. There are many ways to be a star. But ask yourself why they/you are doing it? If all they/you want is attention. If they/you have no selfless inner purpose. Then this is just another selfish strategy to gain your/their attention.

Further, The Star is tremendously competitive. The Star lives by the law of Gengis Khan "It is not enough that I succeed, all others must fail"

The Star will work actively, competitively and jealously to destroy all other competitors.

The Violator Strategy.

Further than the interrogator and the star, this person uses powerful hurtful means to get your energy. Verbal abuse, Physical abuse. Rape.

Everyone will use all of these strategies at some time in their lives. Usually people cycle between them. As one fails they try another, stronger one. And then will be sorry and swear that they will never use them again.

We are all Dependent Vampires, stealers of energy. The only way out is to connect to a higher level of energy which can never fail. To become Independent. Then we can comfortably destroy these negative thoughtforms in our lives. Energy Enhancement Level Two shows the way to do it.

We need to clearly see the action of any of these patterns in our lives. Patterns which are based upon fear. Patterns which are based upon selfishly getting attention. Before we can be free of them. We need to see the action of any of these patterns in our personal history.

The energy which is given through the second chakra is not then available to be transferred through to the Throat chakra. It can prevent personal creativity for a while. It can prevent energy going to the head. It can reduce our Intelligence Quotient for a while. However, people with strong sexual drives are learning how to control them. Their productivity depends on how well they do this.


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