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Chapter 17.2

Love, the Heart Centre and Society.

The Problems of Evolution in the UK Society.

At the moment, in the UK there is a split, stopping the evolution of society. Some of the lower needs are given freely but are removed, you are made to pay for them, if you gain money through work. This basic split in the Thoughtform above is stopping people from working and stopping a lot of creativity through the fear of being sent to jail if found working whilst on basic income.


A Basic Income, money, is given but taken away if you work. If you work, you get no basic income.


I once heard the story of a woman writing a book. Because she was honest, she admitted this fact to the Benefits Office. The Office then took away her basic income, because she was working. You may say that she was stupid to admit this fact to the government, but this moral dilemma is what is happening to the vast majority of people on benefits who wish a better life for their family and want another job. This moral dilemma is squashing the creativity, of which most people are capable. The rules are not allowing them to be creative, To follow the path of their souls. Instead, they are allowed to watch television, or work at one of the countless, soul destroying, Slave Jobs provided by the Government.

The solution proposed by many thinkers, fully in accord with the evolution of advanced societies, is to give every member of society a "Basic Income" which is not taken away when you work. With this income, people will only work if they like the job or if they are greedy. Thus, the lower level basic jobs of society will attract the more lowly evolved. The rich will still be rich. The poor will still be poor. Fear will be eliminated.

Housing is given through Housing Benefit, money, being given but taken away if you work. If you work, you get no Housing Benefit.


The solution is a basic housing benefit payable to everyone which is never taken away.


Medical Benefits are free, but you have to pay more if you work. There is not enough money to pay for some operations so you could die if you have no money. You can get a much higher standard of care if you pay for it.


Medical care should be free but unfortunately is in the hands of a strong guild jealous of their incomes. The Guild fears the loss of jobs and incomes. Thus homeopathy, acupuncture, Bach flower remedies etc etc and Preventative Measures designed to prevent illness are vilified by them as useless. Guilds insist that people are properly qualified as doctors before being allowed to practise in order to maintain the incomes of practitioners. The State will only pay Doctors for health care whereas it should pay any qualified alternative practitioner up to a certain level. Guilds and Pharmaceutical Companies resist preventative measures because they would restrict the incomes of their members through reducing the number of clients and the number of pills ingested.

Preventative measures like Pure Food free of Xeno-estrogenic chemicals, Pure Air free from incinerators and unfiltered factory outputs and Stress Education like yoga and meditation at school will halve the number of operations needed. Then we could more afford the best of health care for the rest.


Education for the young is free. If you live in a poor area, the standard of education is likely to be bad. If you live in a rich area and have good social contacts then you can ensure that your child goes to a good school. If you are rich then you can pay for the best schools.


Education at university used to be grant aided for the poor. If you worked you had to pay more. Now society has devolved, making the above the case for only half of the money. Loans are granted which must be paid back if you are poor. Rich parents pay for their children laying no such restriction, burden, on their future life. – Education is Basic. It is the means whereby society evolves and becomes better.

Any restriction to education will restrict society.

Education should be free.

Please note that the benefits given by UK society are, as yet, the best in the world. For all its problems, this is the highest expression of love given to its members by any country. Is it any wonder that this world is in the mess that it is?

The reason why money and the fear of having no money is being used as a stick is similar to the situation in the following story.



There was once a miner, who only came to work four days a week.

The Boss asked the miner why he did not come in to work for the full five days.

"Because I cannot live on the wages of only three days!", was the reply.


Money is being used as a stick to make people work. In effect, they must work for money, for life itself. They are being treated as slaves.
However, it is a well-known fact that advanced production techniques and computerisation now make it unnecessary for most people to work in production.

Most work can now be done by machines.

Thus the growth of unemployment. There is a vast growth of the service industries, which really contribute nothing to society except to the quality of life of those using these workers as slaves.

We do not need all these unnecessary workers working. It is expensive to keep them working. Far cheaper to give them a basic income and the desire to earn more, in more educational and creative ways.

This fear blockage of the Base Chakra is causing many societal problems as well as stopping the evolution of that society.


I could go on about the vast growth of this misery causing Drug abuse, Violence in society and the numbers of people in prison caused, statistically, by base chakra fear.

I could go on about the fashionable reply to this misery, of screwing down the lid. Zero Tolerance and Three Strikes and you are Out, rather than reducing the causes of this misery as detailed above.

There are many poor me’s, but the expression of caring, of love in society, is that everyone should have access to sufficient food, money, decent housing, and education. There should be no-one dying of starvation. There should be no-one living in a box in the street.

There should be many places in well run, excellent, libraries, schools, colleges, Universities and Open Universities on Television.

Anything else fosters the ease of people making harsh, violent decisions because the fear of death and the death of our aspirations. It leads to violence and the break down of society.


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