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Seeds of Light Foundation


Seeds of Light Foundation of Universal Peace and Happiness



It is the express wish of the Almighty One, that All It's Children be Happy.

It is also the wish of the Great One, that All It's Children come to know of It's existence and It's Nature, and that the individual living entities are in fact vehicles of expression of the All Intelligent Benevolent One.

The individual and the One co-habit each vessel-body, therefore it is The Wondrous One that experiences ALL through its myriad creatures of creation, and the scenarios that they live in.

The manifestation, in its multitude of dimensions, is The Mind of The One. We, the individual creations of The One, are All held in the Mind of the One.

It is the express wish of the Om Aha Mani Foundation of Universal Happiness that All Beings Come to know of their relationship with The One and Only - benevolent loving Jallah All Being.

There are infinite names that we can conjure up for It's Holiness of Allness, any label that holds meaning and feeling (bhavana) will do - the name is not that important, but the feeling and intentionally and understanding that we attribute to it are the important qualities.


Om Shanti.


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