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Seeds of Light Foundation

Prayer for the Good Health and Co-operation of All.

O Mighty and Loving Lord of All Things

Grant me the Grace to pray for all beings

So that we may attain and maintain

Good health of body, mind, and spirit.

Which will assist us to do that which you have created us to do.

In body, mind, speech, thought and deed.

To bring light and love and benefit

To all Beings

May the Light of Your Love, Truth, and Wisdom

Overcome all the ignorance and darkness.

That we daily find in ourselves and in others.

O mighty and wonderous Lord of All

Grant me the strength and clarity to serve you and your creation.

To the best of my abilities.

And may the light of your ever present, all knowing love-wisdom

Illuminate all darkness.

Victory to that Light

Thank you God for you are truely the Master of All.

And we are your created servant.

Grant me the strength, courage, compassion and love

To serve you as well as I can.

Please let my will and Thy will

Work and play harmoniously together.

In the appropriate spirit of co-operation.

I love you love me love all love

May all beings be happy, peaceful, content and satisfied.


- Amen.



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