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Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha.

Anahata: The Heart Chakra.

Anahata literally means the 'unstruck' (an = not, ahat = struck). All sound in the manifested universe is produced by the striking together of objects which sets up vibrations or sound waves, but that sound which issues from beyond this material world, the primordial sound, is the source of all sound and is the anahata nada (sound). The heart center is where this sound manifests.

It may be perceived by the yogi as an internal, unborn and undying vibration, the pulse of the universe. The anahata chakra is symbolized by a smoky blue lotus with twelve petals inscribed with the letters kam, kham, gam, gham, nam, cham, chham, jam, jham, nam, tam, tham.

In the center of the lotus is a hexagram of two interlaced triangles (as in the Jewish Star of David = The Star of Enlightenment, The Integration of the Chakras) and the bija mantra yam sitting on a swift black antelope, symbol of the air element. The presiding deities of anahata chakra are Isha, the lord in an all-pervading form and the goddess Kakini, ruler of the fat element.

Anahata is associated on the physical level with the heart and lungs, and the circulatory and respiratory systems. Sufferers of diseases like anemia, hypertension, palpitations, tuberculosis, asthma and bronchitis should practise concentration on anahata chakra, preferably while doing asanas or other yogic techniques.

One may meditate on anahata chakra by imagining an infinite space full of eternal love and light beginning in the chest region, but actually being everywhere at all times.

Or one could try to visualize the lovely warmth of the sun on a cool summers afternoon.

The heart chakra is a symbol of the union of the illusion and identification of being an individual Soul (Microcosmic you - jivatma) and the reality of being the omnipotent indwelling One Spirit (GOD - Also you in your Macrocosmic, Ultimate and Absolute condition).

The Illusion of world, the universes, and all the multitude of various individual creations - including these illusionary souls - all this sense of diversity, variety, and separation - is all an appearance to mind.

THE CREATION IS A VAST HALLUCINATION created by the dualistic nature of the Mind!!!!




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