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Neurosis and depressive illness occurs when our negativity - our pains, fears, shames, guilts, embarrassments, mistakes, disappointments, despairs, angers, hates, etc - begins to control our daily behaviour. Our repertoire of life responses is severely restricted by this build up of negative energy which can sometimes, if left unhealed, eclipse our health and happiness.

Then we become ill.

Then we begin to respond to life through these many filters of negativity.

Then we make more mistakes which adds to our negativity. We may become depressed and nihilistic. We may fall into not caring about ourselves and others (as within, so without). Our disappointments lead us to take the attitudes of; "I don't give a damn", "I just don't care", "Why should I care?", "What's the point", "My life is meaningless so I'll do whatever I please regardless of others." These thoughts become our negative mantras. As this negative mind begins to gain strength within us, then we are at an even higher risk of making serious mistakes with our life. It is at the lowest points that we need to be the most careful. This is also true when we are at our high points too. We need to become aware of the extremities that our mind can swing to, and we need to learn how to attain to the balance, "The Middle Way" between the extremes. To do this we need first to understand our minds. This is quite simple if we use the seven chakra system.

When we are really low, we can do anything, we can justify any behaviour, we can take up damaging and unhealthy habits that will ruin our lives, we can harm and abuse ourselves, we can make a cognitive decision (form a conclusion in our mind) that "life is shit and then we die", "It's me against the world." At our lowest points we are definitely not in our "right mind." Activity based upon this negative state of mind can surely only lead to further negativity. We can get caught up in "the vicious downward spiral" as each decision and thought is being created by a negative mind. We become more and more frustrated with ourselves. We project this pain outwards at others and can easily get caught in the blame cycle. Our personality can begin to form itself around the negative mind and we get a lifelong negative personality. Then we can't understand why nobody likes us, hires us, or wants to know us.

It is at these points of intense disappointment and negativity that we really need the humility to acknowledge that we are simply not happy. It is this humility that prevents the next depressive stage which begins with frustration and anger, and can end in violence, self-harm, and even in death.

If we humbly realize that "I am simply not happy" then we have made the first step towards understanding our problems and getting well again. The path out of the negative cul-de-sac begins with the humility to admit "I have problems. Whatever the cause of these problems, wheresoever they have come from, they are now my problems. I cannot blot them out or escape from them. However painful my life is at the present moment, I can begin to deal with these problems one day at a time. In this way, I will one day be free from this negative condition."

The path out of the negativity begins with AWAKENING to our reality and then HEALING our pains.

By studying and practicing Energy Enhancement and understanding our mind and human behaviour using the seven chakra system we will greatly enhance and quicken this process. That's guaranteed.




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