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The Human Mind is made up of what are called in India "chakras". Each Chakra performs various functions, which when combined successfully, produce the workings of a normal human being. Chakras are parallel processors within the super-computer of the "normal" human mind. Each chakra operates independently yet in concert, in real-time, to perform the functions of a "normal" human being.

By understanding and using the Chakra System, we are in control of our TOTAL MIND - EVERY ASPECT OF OUR BEING. We can learn to choose the types of connections that we make with other people. We can choose when to connect and when not to. We can understand that all of life's activities are an expression of the chakras. We can learn how to live a balanced, enjoyable, useful and conscious life.

The Seven Major Chakras have their homes at different sections along the human spine (as pictured above). The more of these little "chakras" we can get working, the larger, more expansive, and more satisfying - more Whole - will be our experience of life.

Normally each chakra can work in parallel with other chakras, yet independently. To help understand this, imagine three builders. One has the job of carrying bricks. One makes the cement. One lays the bricks and cement.

All three work totally independently but at the same time (in parallel). Houses get built quickly when all three work together and continuously communicate to see how they are getting on. Houses get built slowly when only one builder works, when they start doing each other's jobs or the communication breaks down. Then surpluses build up and go to waste, the cement dries up without being used, or nothing arrives making the others idle.

The functions of the Chakras comprise the totality of human experience, for example;

The various functions and experiences work together at different levels in different people.

These energies and experiences in one's own system are what the chakras are all about. The chakras are the vital life centres at the different levels of experience or consciousness in the human system. The Sanskrit word "chakra" means "a wheel" and these centres of energy may be seen as wheels or vortices of life. The energies and experiences seated at these levels manifest through these vital life centres.

We have the ability to understand the experiences of each chakra, integrate and master the attributes, and include and move on to the next chakra. If this is done, then your life can become a relatively harmonious and meaningful experience as all the chakras operate together in sequence - in harmony. Other systems of self understanding are also based upon the chakras especially;

We may also need to heal our chakras, this being the process of looking at our attitudes to each of the chakras and attempting to replace negative attitudes with more positive one. For example, how do we overcome the fear of death in the base chakra? By understanding what is the awareness that is experiencing this living and dieing process.

Healing the chakras is a process of challenging our inherited and conditioned attitudes to the aspects of life that each chakra represents.



We cannot really hope to begin living a more enlightened, comprehensive, happy, wise, and benevolent life without using a system. THE TECHNIQUES OF ENERGY ENHANCEMENT is one such LIFE MANAGEMENT AND ENLIGHTENMENT SOLUTION that is based upon the tried and tested Science of Enlightenment, which is the inner core teachings of all the World's Spiritual and Psychological systems. Whatever your current beliefs and practices, The Techniques of Energy Enhancement will serve you well if you choose to use them properly.



"ENLIGHTENMENT: Understanding Human Behavior in terms of the Seven Chakras."

My whole effort here is concerned with assisting people to free themselves from negative, destructive, painful, and confusing states of mind, and introducing them to positive, clear, creative, simple, peaceful, benevolent, useful, and happy ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

The whole of this work is based upon the seven chakra system as a model of human behavior

"Who is the happiest person? The one who brings happiness to others."

We are not doing anything to improve ourselves other than removing our ignorances. The basic pattern of life - expressed as the seven chakras - is good enough as it is - IT IS ALL THERE IS IN EXISTENCE! It is God's blueprint. We can't change it! We just need to learn how to play our instrument properly.

It is our damages, misinterpretations, and ignorance that we are trying to remove. This is called healing. We are then nurturing appreciation, love, honour, respect, harmony, and unity in all the chakras. We are clearing the way for the appearance and expressions of Life and Grace. We are honouring Life in all the chakras. We are acknowledging the Divine in each chakra.

The Techniques of Energy Enhancement are a practical and scientific system for ordinary people and we learn to use it in our daily life. The Techniques of Energy Enhancement has nothing to do with religions, new-age movements, occult or spiritual organisations. The Techniques of Energy Enhancement teaches us how to practice simple, yet highly effective, self improvement techniques that will benefit ourselves and also others.

The Techniques of Energy Enhancement are available to everybody and is something that we integrate into our ordinary daily lives. The Techniques of Energy Enhancement is not an intellectual exercise, it's a practical skill that we learn and do. The Techniques of Energy Enhancement are an integrated science which can lead our divided being back to wholeness and health.

This is a great opportunity for me to define what I believe the word "spiritual" to mean. So here goes;

"To understand and integrate the seven chakras so that we can attend to the needs and expressions of the higher and the lower self. The ability to live life in a trans-ego way. Trans-ego meaning being totally free from selfishness in every area of life. The natural consideration of others as your Self.

To have a firm understanding of the Unity of Life, understanding the nature of the one almighty, loving, unified life force underlying all diverse and various phenomenon, and to respect this life force in all it's appearances and in all the seven chakras of the human system."

When you come across the word "spiritual" in the The Techniques of Energy Enhancement Literature, then this is what I am referring to.



The Techniques of Energy Enhancement is not a religion, although the central Chakra Techniques and Knowledge can be found in the inner core of all spiritual and religious teachings. The inner core of all these different traditions is the same because the information is a Universal Truth.

You will find lots of evidence to support this through this website and there is an The Techniques of Energy Enhancement ENCYCLOPEDIA available on CD-ROM that presents further evidence from Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, The Celtic Tradition, Judaism, Modern Psychology, and Yoga.

During the Twentieth century, modern Psychology acknowledged and made extensive study of the STAGES OF INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT, but these things are, of course, nothing new. They have been known and practiced since the beginnings of human societies and were extensively studied and practiced in the Ancient Vedic Culture, from which we get YOGA and THE CHAKRA SYSTEM.

The Integration of the Chakras
which is the meaning behind
the Ancient Celtic Cross.

One of the most important purposes of any Spiritual or Self-Developmental path or tradition, is to assist the individual and the society in THE SAFE PASSAGE through these stages.

Why? So that everyone benefits, so that everyone understands how to develop successfully and be a good and wholesome individual and happy member of society.

This is the purpose and meaning concerning:


The purpose of the Ordained Priest or Qualified Spiritual Teacher, is the same as that of a good psychologist, with one difference.

The Priest understands and teaches the underlying UNITY OF LIFE, and includes in their stages of development the experience of connectivity with this underlying Oneness.

It is the direct experience of Unity with the Source of All Creation - the Absolute. In India, the Yoga Masters are often referred to as Holy People and Psychologists. Why? Because they understand how life operates and how individuals can attain to living a happy and fruitful life. They base most of their psychological teachings and practices upon THE SEVEN CHAKRA SYSTEM.

Teachers like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, and many Modern Psychologists and Priests, to name but few of the many million Enlightened Beings, are often quite optimistic people. This is because they have realized that there is a certain pattern of behavior, A GENERIC LIFE PATHWAY, that every person follows, albeit in their own individual way. "All snowflakes are unique, yet fall to earth in the same manner."

People who have studied and systemised the pathway, know why things go wrong for people, where on the path the deviations may have occurred, and are able to put people back on the right path again. This is conventionally referred to as HEALING.

A truly spiritual person, is an integrated person, not a withdrawn recluse, although at some point in life, the reclusive stage may be important and useful, but the Integrated individual will not remain there forever. They cannot, because there arises the urge to be of some useful assistance to Life, and their fellow Humanity.



The Techniques of Energy Enhancement offer understanding and practice of the Elemental and Generic Inner Pathway of ALL RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS.

If you are already following a spiritual practice, The Techniques of Energy Enhancement will further and deepen your understanding and ability to practice and live the Truths of a healthy, wholesome, integrated and conscious life.

The Techniques of Energy Enhancement will enable you to master your current spiritual practice and help you open up the wisdom buried in any Tradition. The Techniques of Energy Enhancement are similar to an anti-virus program for computers. It simply removes 'the bugs' so that the machinery can operate smoothly and happily.

Says Swami Satchidananda of the Integral Yoga Society; "We are doing nothing to create the Grace, we are simply removing the blockages to that Grace."

If you don't have a spiritual practice or a system to help you with the development and management of your life, then The Techniques of Energy Enhancement are available to help you in all areas of your life.

The Techniques of Energy Enhancement are simply here to help all people understand and live a healthy, happier, wiser and more satisfying life.

The Techniques of Energy Enhancement is a very elemental system to use. It is for all people. It is not an intellectual system. It is something to integrate into ordinary life. It is easy to understand, fun to learn, and is presented in a colourful and approachable manner.


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