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This section is written for the student who has already done a certain amount of yoga and meditation practice and wants to move forward into a deeper understanding of the principles which underlie this fascinating and rewarding subject. We feel that in view of the explosion in popularity of the subject of yoga in recent years many people will shortly, if they do not already, fall into this category.

The aim of yoga is the expansion of human consciousness so that it is eventually identified with universal consciousness. This is to be achieved by a realization of the ultimate spiritual principle within ourselves; that which is above the physical and mental and is in fact our own true Eternal Self.

To achieve this one must learn to recognize these different principles or levels within oneself; in other words learn to distinguish the finer from the grosser. Therefore one must learn to work with and control the energies in oneself. Eventually one comes to realize that all Life, including oneself, is just energy in different states or in different rates of vibration. These energies in one's own system are what the chakras are all about. The chakras are the vital force centers at the different levels of experience or consciousness in the human system.

The word chakra means a wheel in Sanskrit and these centers of energy may be seen as wheels or vortices of force. The energies seated at these levels manifest through these vital force centers.

This work is intended for the essentially practical student who is prepared to discover deeper realities within himself. An academic or mental understanding of a thing is not the same as actually experiencing it although it may precede that experience. No one else can know something for you any more than he can eat your food for you. These realizations can therefore only be attained by one's own efforts.

The person who sets out to discover these truths must be a spiritual adventurer. He (or she brother) must have the attitude of the explorer: the urge to discover new worlds and new dimensions within; the desire to explore inner space; the perseverance to succeed in his quest.

This work presents the subject not only from the traditional Eastern viewpoint but also attempts to reconcile with it the Western mystery teaching which comes down to us through such traditions as the Qabalah, hermeticism, alchemy and astrology. It is not always easy to see the whole pattern of a subject underlying its many different facets and presentations but we hope the pattern may be somewhat clarified in this presentation of the subject.

Chapters One to Six explain the occult anatomy of man. Here the structure of man's system is outlined and the magnetic polarities and energy fields are explained as they relate to the flow of vitality and the seven chakras of his system. These are the very essence of his whole being.

Chapters Seven to Nine deal with the application of these principles in practice through yoga and self training. However, these principles need not necessarily only be termed yoga. Throughout the centuries mystics and seekers have followed these same principles under numerous other names and whatever name suits an individual best is the right one for him providing it embodies the true principles.

Finally, Chapter Ten traces the relationship between astrology and the chakras. Some ideas concerning the zodiac and the planets are also considered in relation to them. In this field of study the modus operandi should be:

(a) Recognizing: To learn to recognize the principles involved and the energies which constitute the system.

(b) Controlling: To learn to control these energies within oneself.

(c) Using: To learn to use these energies creatively and unselfishly in Life.


We feel that the readers who follows these rules will gain a greater insight into life and will be richly rewarded by a deeper knowledge of themselves.





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