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Learning to love, Learning to live

If I can learn to live

If I can learn to love

Which I must

Or else all is lost

Then I must seek out the spring

Of eternal life

Of eternal love

I must extract myself from the illusionary existence

Of 2000 years of patriarchal piracy

Of corrupt Christian control

Of competition for the female

Of man's feared obsession with woman's sex

Of repression, guilt, shame and denial

I have travelled through many lives

And many lessons

To get here

I call on the Goddess to not foresake me now

I submit to her feet

Help me train the dragon

So that we can live in peace, harmony and love

I have had enough of Dr Strangelove

Hand in Glove.

"What a pity! A mountain peak as tiny as one square inch has been the source of great inspiration and misery for centuries."


I am outgrowing my cultural limitations

I am learning to see beyond my societies dictates

I am struggling to breath beyond this childish affair

Come, let me not delay!

The other shore awaits.

Those brave souls who are willing

To risk ALL and NOTHING

In the search of truth, of love, of true living and right relationship

For the sake of all sentient beings

My journey has only just begun

I cower in my cowardice and confusion

How the meek and mild become the bold and brave?

Throw off the anxiety of the self-police parade

Love ourselves in our totality

Let the other man conquer the world

I wish only to conquer myself

With love as my goal and compassion as my understanding


There is no need for all this fighting

There is no need for all this hatred

There is only a need for love and understanding.





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