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Your experiences depend on the quality of your consciousness.


Freedom from fear

The fear of self expression

The taught behaviour

Of repression and guilt and self denial

The frustration of pathetic falsity

Only with the Birth of the superhuman

Can humanity transcend its own limitations

And the problems of out current times

Godhead is our potential Birthright - awaiting.


If you feel that you have missed in this life

Do not allow bitterness to kill your soul

Instead begin to work for the generations that will come.

Make preperations, make paths

Make concrete your ideas

For a new age

If you feel that you have been betrayed by the old mind

Then pour your energies into the new

For humanity has indeed a glorious birthright

We are all just seeds

No birth or death

When you feel all is lost

Be not fooled by the darkness

Or consumed in regret

Open your doors and windows

To the love of life

Overcoming the fear of life

The fear of love.


The bigger picture is changed

By changing its VIBRATIONAL RATE

Change your own vibe

And this will change the vibe around you.


We must say YES to the future

And the future will work

And the Future comes out of this present moment


please to remember that there are no us and them