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Codename: Ego
The "Egor Personna", the Disconnected Ego / Personality.

The ego personality is the false entity

It lives on the spiritual energy of the soul

And the male ego always wants to be first!

When we become aware of the ego

It realises that its reign is coming to a close

The old king feels that his right to the throne is under attack

And he begins to hold on tighter and stronger

He throws up multitudes of diversions

Like compulsion, denial, negation, externalisation, projections and in some cases death

The old king jumps onto the spiritual quest

And makes it his own

Further preventing the true operations and experiences of the spirit

Be friend the ego

Assuring it that it is needed and will be synthesised for the good of the whole

Seeing the error of it's selfish ways

It will surrender unto the Lord of Love 

Then the True King will sit on the Throne of the Soul

And Peace and Happiness will be the nature of All Things.



"Seek ye first the kingdom of God - then all else shall be added unto you."


But beware


"The Old King (ego)...he can lead us a furious dance..signifiying nothing."


May the light of Love overcome all the ignorance

May All beings be happy and come to know of Thy True Self.

The Self in All

Victory to the light

Victory to the light

Jaya Om

Jaya Mani


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