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  • We shape the material world through the intentionality of our thought.
  • Energy follows thought.
  • The highest form of this energy is love.
  • Through love we can shape the material world into the world of the divine.
  • It is through our intentionally that this may be done.
All thought forms manifested with love - unconditional, non-ego love - can become manifest on the physical plane. 

As we go along on our voyage we get into different bodies and learn all manner of lessons and when we learn what we need to go onto the next adventure then we slip out of one skin and into another.

We can use our pure intent to heal the planet and ourselves.


Here is a "Prayer of Invocation of the Great Spiritual Union"

Father Above (Pure Spirit - Sahasrara Chakra)

Mother Below (Earth - Root Chakra)

I Surrender my false self unto you

I open my heart for the benefit of all

I open my heart to you

I love my Father

I love my Mother

I am your child

I open myself to you

Guide me as your cosmic child

Through me let thy loving will be done

For the Benefit of all living souls

Thanks for everything

All that has gone and all that is to come

I love you both

Let me serve in your great scheme of things

Your wonderful and beautiful creation


Become as innocent and trusting as a child and learn to listen to the guidance from within

All that is physical is a manifestation of thought and energy into what we loosely call _ matter. Although matter does not actually exist as a concrete reality. It is energy held together by thought and intentionally.

It is possible to think energy into patterns. Remember - serve all entities, Serve the Self in All Beings, Live for Peace, Love, Understanding and the Happiness of One and All.

By intentionally and thought, working with love from the heart - everything is possible - diseases cured, crops grow, water is purified, houses can be heated and lit.

This cosmic energy can be thought into patterns that can be experienced on the material plane. Without the heart, then what happens can be destructive and anti-life, as we have seen in tyrants and exploiters.

But then again, we are all learning the great lessons of this wonderful life.

When the human form and the light body work in synthesis then nothing is impossible - but only through heart love and service to the all can the right combination occur.

When lightbeings get together then the energy increases - this is why it is good to meditate in groups, when lightbeings connect with love and respect to the Planetary entity then infinite good can be achieved.

When lightbeings connect with the Father and the Mother, with love and service for the good of all in their hearts, then the best of all possible good is achieved.

Meditation may be concerned with the purification of the collective human mind. The reason for this at the current time is to purify the thought forms in the collective mind of the human species. To fill the collective conscious with light and love and to clean out the collective unconscious before these thought forms manifest on the physical plane.

We can all learn the art of transforming ourselves - and this process can be assisted by simply tuning our individual mind into the higher cosmic mind, tune into the vibrations of peace, love, understanding, Self enquiry, and happiness and success for All of the Creation.

The Mind takes on the form of that which it focuses upon. This process creates habitual ways of thinking and behaving. By constant spiritual practice, by focusing our minds upon higher, collective, and Love Centred thoughts, our minds begin to take on these supreme qualities. Our minds begin to take on the form of the mind of God. Action follows thought. Gradually we begin to act as is intended and indeed we become microcosmic gods and goddesses.

"And the one became many so that it may experience diversity

Although this fullness came from that fullness, that fullness still remains."



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