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What is happening on this planet and to its people is the birth of the new mind which is neccessary to live in a new world paradigm.

Energy is neutral - it is how we, as choice making individuals and groups, use it, that is what counts.

As Swami Satchidananda says;

"Killing bombs or soothing balms."

The old order, the patriarchal, male dominated world, the piscean age of individuality, the dictate of the clock, the rule by domination, fear, guilt and control. This is all transforming infront of our very eyes. If you open your eyes and ears you can actually witness (and become part of) the change in consciousness that is taking place every millisecond.

Humanity is throwing off the shackles of its dark past. Guilt, fear, resentment, competition and hatred are being replaced by openess, courage, curiousity, co-operation and love.

What has happened has been necessary - it is all the evolution of human consciousness. We need only learn from the mistakes of the past and move on. We must not hate anything, regret all that has gone and feel that humanity is no good, No quite the opposite, we must feel compassion and forgiveness for all our mistakes. We must forgive ourselves on a collective basis.

"All together now."

The human mind exists at a collective level and we (the bodies and the individuals) are physical expressions of the contents of the human mind (collective). We act as transmitters and receivers - we (individually) can choose what we which to tune into. If we want to pursue all our selfish desires, in a dog-eat-dog fashion, then we act in a destructive way towards the collective.

The pursuit of selfish desires to the exclusion of all else has been the downfall of all human civilizations, If we wish to avoid this catastrophe happening again then we must tune into the higher thought forms that will benefit humanity as a collective. And this is the direction that the Universe would like us to take.

We can begin to move away from the old order, with its contrary clock (ie that which operates contrary to the natural time cycles of the planet and universe), its selfish orientated political and economic systems, etc.. and toward the new order.

What it requires is faith and belief in the goodness, peace, respect and love that is the very core of human existence and also action with this new awareness in our everyday lives. If we can make each action a movement towards harmony, peace, love and light then we are doing just fine.

To start with it will require conscious effort on our part, but soon it will begin to flow and the plan will become revealed in every thought and action that we do. Then we will have become connected to the higher aspects of the human mind.

We can also see this change and unfolding happening around us, as the awakening takes place on a global scale.

Remember this, there are no 'us and them' there is only US - the collective humanity. Everything that manifests here on this physical plane is from thought - even the human body. Don't become to attached to the body - but don't abuse it either. Love it - but understand who you really are. The great thing about this human life is that we have been given the ability to choose. Can we use our power of choice to overcome our lower nature and rise to higher and higher ways of being?

The key is to bring our new awareness into all that we think, say and do. This will be of great benefit.

So, as always, we must begin with ourselves and our daily lives - we change our inner atmosphere and this in turn begins to effect those around us. This is our purpose, this is lifes meaning, let this be our contribution and each one of us can do this.

Everyone can be part of the evolution of human consciousness, everyone can affect a change, by bringing about change in our personal life.



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