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There is a new field of thought / feeling

Available to humanity

It has been said to be the Aquarian mind

The thought / feeling of the age that we are now living in

The Aquarian mind is a higher mind than that which has been witnessed

Through the Piscean age - the age of the individual and of quarrel.

This higher mind has been accessed by many brave pioneers

Throughout historical time

It requires brave, bold, aspiring, caring, loving and open vehicles

For its transmission, expression, action and unfoldment

Co-operation. globalisation, an end to sovereign states

Fairness, kindness, understanding, open communication

Connectivity, an understanding of the interconnectivity of all living beings

Gaian theory - the planet as a living, breathing entity

Equality of the heart, peace, love and an enjoyment and relish of these qualities

Are some of its attributes

The Piscean age, the age of the predominant male ego

The old order is gradually being replaced


Do not cling to the old self

And try not to let the old self cling to thee

Witness the old self - look at it as it is

With all its horror and corruption

Selfishness, greed and lust

'Tis not thee

Become a witness of it

By witnessing this old self

In its nakedness

Under the light of awareness

We can understand its behaviour

Its motives and responses

Its mechanisms for survival

And we can gradually dissolve this entity

In the brilliant light of understanding


To make room for the new self

The higher self

We must first clear out the old self

And remember that the old self

Is imbedded in the old order

So we will come across its workings

Again and again

Through our daily lives

In the media, in the work environment

In government policy

And in all of us

And this is the real process of revolution

To bring about a gradual change

In our day to day lives

In the institutions of the old order

As manifestations of the old self

And this old self is very afraid of dying

It will not give up without a fight

Within and without

So we must remain awake and aware

Constant remembrance and constant vigilance

Watching the old self and then attempting to gently brush it aside

And the new self will emanate naturally

The old self is the egor persona (conditioned ego / personality)

The old self is man made

The new self is the true individual soul

This new self is God made (from existence Itself)


And as always the way starts within ourselves


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