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 Attention Seeking Behaviour

Attention Seeking Behaviour and Loneliness.

These two aspects are very closely linked.

How can I get some attention and love?

The more lonely a person becomes, the greater the need for the attention of others. The lonely person feels unloved, unlovable, unworthy, and inferior. Then there may manifest sadness and anger, which later sours into a deep resentment for everybody and eventually a hatred of all things.

Growing proportionately with this loneliness is the attention seeking behaviours and the rule of the ego and it's strategies. Other common traits of this condition include alienation, superiority complexes, being "at war" with the world (and oneself - as within, so without), obsession, compulsion, paranoia, an inability to form mature and meaningful relationships, and great difficulty finding any worthwhile and meaningful occupation for one's time and energy.

The person becomes increasingly cut off from other people and enters an egocentric world of imagination - sometimes pleasant and often unpleasant.

One of the key factors underlying attention seeking behaviour is the unhealed relationships of the inner child and adolescent.

The child was unable or prevented from forming meaningful and real relationships with it's family and has thus since being trying to make those connections with people that it comes across in it's life - even well into later life. The unhealed child continues to try to make these primary relationship connections (mother, father, and siblings) with partners, colleagues, bosses, friends, and strangers. These connections are inappropriate, seldom if ever lead to a satisfactory outcome, and are the leftovers from childhood and teenage.

To be able to become a well-rounded and happy adult, this inner child and adolescent needs to be healed. Then we will never again be bothered by these infantile emotions and behaviour patterns in our personal life. This is an important obstacle to overcome, because quieter and richer pastures do await beyond the conditionings of early life.

Life's mysteries await us when we heal the inner child and adolescent. We find a whole new field of inner experiences - thoughts, emotions, and possible activities. We learn to grow well and flower beautifully. We once again discover the home we thought we had lost forever.


Om shanti.

May All Beings Be Happy, Peaceful, Good, and Well.


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