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The Ego and It's Strategies

Ego-Centric Behaviour.

The ego wants to possess all things and countless desires spring into life. And when a desire is blocked, anger comes. And if the desire is fulfilled more desires come, and greed follows because desires are insatiable and cannot be appeased. Out of possession comes clinging, attachment, infatuation, obsession, fear, greed, hatred, anger, jealousy, and delusion.

...Anonymous Sage.


The word ego means "individual". So egocentric behaviour is a way of behaving that is centred around the individual. "What is wrong with this?" I hear you cry. Well, there is nothing wrong about it at all, except for when egocentric behaviour is encouraged over and above all else. Then we produce lots of selfish, egoistic people who live their lives with no reference or thought for the "One and All". We produce lots of grasping and heartless folk who generate life energy solely to serve their own purposes, and rarely for the good of the All.

Inflated egocentric behaviour is a negative form of human energy which is the root of many ignorant and negative behaviour patterns (for example; greed. jealousy and unhealthy competitiveness) and is a danger to the individual and collective well-being.

Egocentric behaviour has as it's roots the natural phenomenon of the animal levels of humanity - the lower chakras of the human being. In this mode, we need to look after ourselves and close relatives. In the realm of the animal, this type of behaviour is all that matters.

But we are not just animals, we live in societies, we attempt to create civilisations, we try to understand our animal heritage and reach up for the spiritual person, we aspire to be more than just a thinking monkey, we aspire to be a good human.

Without some form of self-development or spiritual practice - sadhana - then we will stop at the level of the thinking ape. We will stagnate. We will produce egocentric savages. We will live as "dog-eat-dog"; we will not be worthy of the name "human". We will not realise the Unity of All Life and we will rarely evolve to the greater planes of human existence - civilisation, humanistic behaviour, service to our fellow beings, love, and Self Realisation - merging with the Divine which is the underlying consciousness of All Existence.

Egocentric behaviour is a stepping stone, a great teacher, from which we may learn many important lessons. By understanding the parameters of egocentric behaviour, we can then learn the very great need to serve the collective, to "love our neighbour as our self."

But first we must learn who this "Self" is. This is why, in a successful civilisation, we will teach everybody the nature of Self Realisation and the Unity of All Life. By doing this, we ensure that everybody attains "the kingdom of God" (enlightenment) in the first few decades (depending upon individual difference) of their earthly lives, and thus "all else will be added unto thee".

Then we will choose to live a balanced, healthy, and loving life because, without a doubt, we shall all come to understand:

God, the Totality of Existence, is All
Thus, All is in God
And God is in All


I acknowledge the Divine within You.

This is successful living beyond egocentric behaviour.


Om Shanti - Eternal Peace, Happiness, and Understanding Be With Thee.

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