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Egoism and Attention Seeking Behaviour

Egoism, Attention Seeking Strategies, and the Inner Child.

If the child felt unloved, unlovable, and unable to show love to an appropriate person, then there will be pain, conflict, and hurt. This pain of the inner child does not just disappear, it lodges deep within the person's being and begins to assert an influence upon that person's behaviour.

If a child feels unloved then it will require to find other ways to feel this love. The child may begin to find ways to bring attention to itself - feeling that this will be an adequate substitute, in fact the only available substitute, for this horrible lack of loving that they so acutely feel.

The further we move from love, the more seperate, isolated, and alienated we become - which is perfect raw material for producing egoism. Remember that the ego is a word we use to describe this "being individual". A healthy ego is an integrated person. An unhealthy ego is an attention seeking egoist.

Because many societies worship the intellect above all other human qualities, there are many intellectual egoists in the world. In this case, all other human qualities are sacrificed for some form of intellectual superiority culminating in recognition - fame, attention - from the mother / father substitute - societies, colleagues, the public.

If we learn the art of healing the inner child, then all that has stemmed from this hurt child - for example, attention seeking behaviour, egoism, the need for fame - all these imbalances that we took so very seriously, are uncovered for what they are and we return back to normal health, often with our sense of humour in full swing.

By digging up the root, we kill the weed. By healing the inner child, teenager, young person, etc., then we uproot the whole wayward tree. This is real healing and we feel happier, more peaceful because we feel in control of our responses, content, satisfied, and much more ourselves for it.

Unhealed, this pain, egoism, and behavioural patterns set down in childhood, will influence and haunt us to the very end of our life - often with tragic results.


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