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Green Biofuels for Existing Engines.

A new range of clean biofuels are now available in the US, which can be used in existing engines.

Biodiesel, made from soybean oil, has become the first alternative fuel to pass the rigorous health effects testing requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT). The use of biodiesel results in a 90% reduction in air toxins and Gene Gebolys, President of the World Energy Alternatives, a biodiesel supplier said, "The fact that it is the only alternative fuel that can be used in existing engines and fuelling infrastructure means that these clearly established health benefits can be realised immediately where-ever diesel fuel is currently being used."

The use of biodiesel has risen by 1000% as bus and truck fleets across America take advantage of this cost effective means to comply with the stringent air quality laws coming into force in the US. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) decided in 1998 that all government fleets should use biodiesel, and predicted that federal government would save $10 million annually by using the new frel. Meanwhile, over a million Flexible-fuel cars in the US are able to use an ethanol-gasoline blend called E85, which produces fewer cmissions and is 50 cents a gallon cheaper than ordinary gasoline.

Ethanol is made from corn by fermentation and distillation, but needs to be blended with petroleum to improve its explosive qualities to help car engines start. Ethanol is already being blended at a ratio of 1:9 with gasoline in states with a severe smog problem. Few Americans realise that their vehicle may be able to take the new fuel and only 100 E85 pumps are cunently available, but as gasoline prices continue to soar, it seems very likely that this situation will be changing soon.



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