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Ecology and Environment

A Very Rich Home Indeed.

We live upon the surface of a beautiful, resource rich planet. Food grows naturally, weather performs its correct functions, animals, birds and plants live out their lives in accordance with nature - each providing some service to the All, just by being!

Diversity flourishes everywhere, abundance abounds, every second some human being inhales and the next second somebody else exhales - without any choice, the matter is in the hands of a higher power! All the chemicals for life, all the compounds, all the organisms, they are all functioning beautifully - they are in a state of being.

All is divine and blissful in the Universe, and everything is happy. Everything it seems, except for a huge population of human beings. This creature seems to spend a huge proportion of its time in the darkness of ignorance - worrying about life.

The hawks glide majestically above, the salmon jumps upstream, great oceans caress the shores of sweet islands, huge and majestic universes are created, sustained and changed, the Omniverse (Total Manifestion) is in a state of harmonious play, and humans can often be seen in a state known as "anxious agitation."

Considering the matter of food. There is ample nourishment to feed the world a hundred times over - at the least. Statistically, we live in a very rich home indeed. If all the humans in the world were to evolve their diet to a vegetarian one, then the improvement to the world would be almost total.

One meat eater can be maintained on the resources (land, crops, energy, and human work hours) that could be used to feed sixteen vegetarians. That means that sixteen million vegetarians can live on the resources it takes to maintain one million meat eaters. What a shocking waste of resources. Not to mention the environmental, psychological, emotional, and karmic damage produced by the meat industry and all it's supporters.

So, we live on a planet that is more than capable of supporting all the forms of life that are here - including these marauding humans! And support us all - in abundance! No mean, miserly master is this planet - no, no - quite the opposite, wouldn't you say?


Q: What about all this drought and famine?


A: Mismanagement of resources due to human ignorance.


Q: What about all this human ignorance?


A: Misunderstanding of own true nature and connectivity with the Complete Allness of Existence.


Q: How are we to amend this mistaken behaviour?


A: Study, integrate, and live the wisdom. Live a God centred life, not an ego-centred life. Study and practice Yoga and Energy Enhancement. Study and read from the works of the Masters; Osho, Swami Sivananda (The Divine Life Society), Swami Satchidananda (Integral Yoga Institute), read Extracts from the Masters.



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