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Childhood Conditioning and the Search for True Adulthood.

The impressions of adult behaviour that we witness as children affect the growing personality of the child. As we perceive the behaviour of authorative figures in our life, so we build up a deep set of conditionings concerning the behavioural responses we will "act out" as adults. We begin to learn to behave in the manner of the authorative adults that dominate our childhood lives.

We build up a set of behavioural patterns that become our repetoire for this life. This situation does not need to remain in a static state. We can change our behaviour, our way in which we perceive and live life, at the deepest level. To achieve this, we must first understand ourselves. We can achieve this level of perception and clarity by processes such as:

  • Healing the Inner Child.
  • Learning to watch our inner landscape so that we can "know ourselves".
  • Meditation.
  • Self Enquiry.

By learning the art of meditation and watching, we can produce a space between ourselves and the conditioned responses and thought-patterns of our personality - our behavioural conditioned repetoire. In this space we can learn how to choose our thought-forms, how to say "no" to conditioned responses that we do not like, and how to say "yes" to new ideas that are useful and benevolent.

We can learn the art of transformation. We can heal the inner child. We can become true adults that possess conscious self-mastery, that are free from the pains and dramas of our inner selves, and who can become loving, caring, mature, and wise.

We do not need to pass on our negative programs and conditions to other people - especially children.

We do not have to accept the conditioned personality and the dictates of our upbringing. We can become the adults that we would really like to be.

We can become enlightened.




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