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Forgiveness and Humility: The Keys to Spiritual Success.

That which protects, maintains, sustains, heals, and leads to comprehension of all things.

The art and use of forgiveness plays a central role in any spiritual practice. We need to understand and use this powerful tool if we are to be healed in any lasting and permanent way. If we can "forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us (in thought and in deed)" then we are verily spiritually worthy and wonderful.

If we can perform a forgiveness activity at the end of every day - for instance; light a candle and think forgiving thoughts or prays - then we will never lose our light heartedness and love of life: All creatures great and small!

Forgiveness is a powerful and primary tool and aid to successful and happy living for one and for all. It protects against resentment, the build up of anger and other negative states of mind. It helps us to create positive and virtuous states of mind, and thus protects us from illness of body and mind. Many illnesses have their origin within the mind and only manifest in the physical and emotional bodies after many years. Dis-ease meaning "loss of ease", of internal comfort, of being at home with ourselves and with the world - and the beyond.

Forgiveness brings back that ease. As we learn the art of forgiveness, we begin to heal ourselves and others on a deep level. As we heal ourselves we find that bodily pains that we have carried for years begin to dissolve and we are free from that dis-ease.

Therefore, for the benefit of one and all, it is a very good idea to begin to forgive - right here and right now! We can start today and today is the only time to start these things. At the end of today, we can light a candle in a safe place - a small household one will do - and begin to forgive ourselves all those embarrassing and ugly things that we all do and we can forgive others too. Forgive our family, our friends, our work colleagues, our boss, our school teachers, everybody we know - because everybody is human and we all make mistakes. We know that if we were all free from suffering, then we would not do or say or think the things that we sometimes do, so if we receive inappropriate negative and unkind words or deeds, then we know that the sender is suffering, unhappy, and not in their right mind at that time - and we all know that that place is a horrible place to be - it is in fact hell.

Heaven and hell are states of mind. When we learn the art of forgiveness, we find that the fires of our unextinguished resentments, hurts, agonies, and anguishes, begin to dissolve into the cool breeze of compassion and forgiveness. After many months of continually practice, we begin to re-discover out light heartedness, harmony, love and grace.

Forgiveness is a major key to unlocking our spiritual potential and maintaining balance and harmony on life's sometimes turbulent ocean.

My advice is to discover it, use it, and maintain a steady practice.

Take it or leave it - that is your privilege.


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