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Healing and Karma.

The Transmigration of the Soul through many Lifetimes of Learning Experiences.

Each incarnation - each lifetime of the individual soul - is a playing out of karma accumulated throughout past lifetimes. The relationships that we form in this current life, are usually products of previous karma - thoughts and deeds. In an ordinary life, one that is lived unconsciously at the mercy of nature, the karmic debts are repaid overtime, physically, mentally and emotionally, but the process is unconscious and gradual. The people involved are unaware of the process that they are undergoing, and therefore do not realize that the thoughts and actions entertained in this life will follow them through to the next as surely as a train follows the track before it.

By taking time to heal all the relationships that we have encountered in this lifetime, we are clearing up our karma at an accelerated rate. Healing can only produce good karma for all beings. As we heal our relationships we relinquish ourselves and the other from future unconscious karmic interactions.


We change our karma by act of will.

As we do this, we begin to perceive the world differently. Situations and people become clearer to us. We are no longer confused or deceived by dual motives. As we clear away deep karmic relationships, people come into our lives because of this deep ground clearing. These people are usually souls that we have been involved with in our previous lives. We may meet these people all over the place in many different situations. As each person comes into our life we can use the healing techniques to clear away the karmic relationship.

Gradually, we become free from much karma and begin to experience the freedom of choice that is characterized by an increase in our will power, determination and assertive powers. We are no longer tossed about in the sea of karmic relationships. We begin to experience freedom from the bondage of deep behavioral patterns. We begin to experience a certain level of inner freedom and liberation.

Our close family is usually the home of our strongest and deepest karmic relationships. As we heal these relationships, we are no longer bound by the behavioral patterns impressed into us as young people. We need not turn into carbon copies of our parents. We attain freedom from this strong conditioning.

Accelerate the Removal of Karmic Debt.

By using the healing techniques of energy enhancement, we change our karma for this lifetime and the next. We cut away from negative groups that we have been associated with for many lifetimes. We clear away our corruptive and negative behavioral patterns. We do good and be good, because we have re-connected with the purity and goodness of our souls.

We consciously move into a lighter and more virtuous lifestyle, leaving behind our darkness and ignorance - forever.


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