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Healing Our Primary Relationships.

This is the first stage in any genuine healing. What are our primary relationships? They are as follows:

Our Primary Relationships with:

  • Our Mother
  • Our Father
  • Our Brothers and Sisters
  • Our Grandparents.
  • Our Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins.
  • Intimate partners.

We need to spend some time healing these relationships. There are many systems of self healing, and all of them will involve FORGIVENESS, SENDING LOVE FROM THE HEART CHAKRA, and FORMING NEW, MATURE and TRANSFORMED RELATIONSHIPS with all these people - be they alive or not.

Why do all these things? Can't we just go straight to enlightenment?

The answer is simply that, as we heal these primary relationships we begin to untangle our Soul from the conditionings of the personality. You see, the personality that we often become completely wrapped up in, has been strongly and deeply influenced by all these people and the events surrounding our family and our early years of development.


The Techniques of Energy Enhancement do just this...and much more.
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It will greatly help.


If you would rather use some other system of self healing then great. Lousie Hay and her fabulous book "You can Heal Your Life" is avaible at any high street book store. Check out the mind, body and Spirit section of your local bookshop.

In the preliminary stages of spiritual evolution, the more healing we can do, the better we will be.

A Suggested Self Healing Technique.

Here is a simple and very effective healing system based on Esoteric Visualisation Techniques. You can use this system to heal all your relationships in your life, avoid psychic and emotional entanglement, and free everybody in your life, including yourself, from the co-dependent and inappropriate energetic battlefields and egoistic behaviour patterns that are the hallmark of the incorrect use of the Second Chakra Energy - to understand this issue read Chapters 9,10, and 11 of The Energy Enhancement Book.

I suggest that you also have a look at the Grounding Negative Energy page in this Healing Directory as these to concepts are strongly linked. It is advisable to practice the grounding negative energy exercise for several weeks before moving on to this healing exercise. It would also be very beneficial to contact The Synthesis of Light who are professional tutors of all these techniques (and much more). They will be able to guide you through an entire system of spiritual evolution and enlightenment. You can read their Energy Enhancement Book free on this CD ROM.

Overall time of this Healing Exercise: 30 - 40 minutes.



Sit in a comfortable posture. You will need to remain uninterupted for at least 15 - 20 minutes, with at least 20 minutes relaxation afterwards.

Close your eyes and spend a few minutes calming the mind - concentrate on your breathing and let the outer world dissolve away for a while.




You are the person on the right. Visualise yourself as this person sitting comfortably on top of the earth.

The person on the left is the person with whom you are healing your relationship. This is the person that you have selected from your primary relationships. For example, your Mother or Father.

Imagine that you are connected by an orange tube at the second chakra (just below the naval).

In this visualisation, you are going to heal and transform this relationship into a heart chakra relationship, which is independent of conditions. You are going to forgive yourself and the other, let all the old hurts go, and re-establish a healthy and appropriate connection. A mature and adult connection.

The Heart Chakra connection - which is always appropriate.



Disconnect from the second chakra (the orange circle). Do this firmly but gently. Neither person wishes to be harmed. You are disconnecting to heal both of you.

If you feel any reluctance to disconnect, please ignore this feeling and continue to visualise the picture on the right.

Now there is no second chakra connection between yourself and that person - ever again.

Visualise that you send your end of that connection to the base chakra (the red circle) and the base chakra gladly accepts this piece of waste material that is ready to be let go of.

Imagine that both of you are very happy so far and are enjoying this process, knowing that you are healing your relationship and that only good things await you both when you have healed this relationship.




No more second chakra connection. It has gone. You are both free from the energetic battles of the past. The hurts and warfares that were centred around your belief that you needed this energetic connection with this person.

You both no longer need each other in any co-dependent way. You are healing this relationship.

The base chakra sends this old energetic connection down into the centre of the Earth where there is a molten core of liquid white heat. The energetic connection is completely incinerated - forever.


Begin to forgive these two people for all their fears, angers, hatreds, violence, and other negative qualities and actions, knowing that we only perform these activities when we are not well, when we are unhappy, miserable and unbalanced. Let it all go.





Now we make sure that we clean our inner-landscape by drawing up the cool, clear and fresh energy from the centre of the earth.

Draw it up into the base chakra and then up the centre of the spine, through your 6 other chakras and out of the top of the head and into a bright, hot star a few feet above your head.

You have now cleaned all the chakras along the spine that may have been affected by the relationship that you are healing.

The hot star above your head burns up the remaining impurities and negativity associated with this relationship.

At this point both your heart chakras feel it is appropriate to form a new, mature, and independent relationship.


Out with the old and in with the new - and appropriate.




Bring down an energetic tube of the beautiful, strong, fresh, independent, mature, unconditional, and everlasting love that is the nature of The Universal Energy supply.

Guide this tube down through the top of your head, into the Ajna (eyebrow) chakra - purifying your mind with positive thoughts towards the other person. You can see all their positive, virtues qualities as well as any negative charactistics.

Continue to guide the energy into the throat chakra. Purifying the quality of the speech that you will engage with the other person in the future. Saying what you want to say and not being too afraid to speak your mind upon positive and negative matters.

Bring the energy to the centre of your chest, the abode of the Heart Chakra.



Fill up your heart chakra with this fresh, never-ending supply of mature LOVE-WISDOM. Whenever you feel that your relationships are withering or going wrong, then practice these techniques, because we can always fill up our heart chakras - the seat of LOVE WISDOM.

This supply of energy and wisdom is infinite and eternal. There is no fear of loss when we form the appropriate heart chakra connection.

Well done!

Feel the heart chakra beginning to stir, to function, to operate in the manner in which it has been designed to.

This love-wisdom is a cool, calm, wise, peaceful energy.

Feel this mature and calm emotion filling up the centre of your chest.

Breathe deeply into the heart chakra. Revitalising and refreshing this part of yourself.





Visualise yourself connecting with the other person at the heart chakra.

Accepting yourself and the other person as a human being with many good and bad characteristics. A fellow creature struggling, suffering, enjoying, fearing, thinking, feeling, living.

Connect with the other person's heart chakra with a mutual feeling of co-operation and understanding filled deeply with compassion and a never ending deep ocean of heart chakra love.

The love of mature and friendly people.

Stay with this direct connection for a few minutes and allow ourself to feel as much as you want to. You may wish to repeat the following mantra.


Free from unneccessary burdens, egoism, unhealed pains, negativity and suffering.

May they be at ease with life and at One with God.

May they be well and good.




Finally, sit with yourself for a few minutes and visualise that both of you have now re-formed your relationship, which is now firmly established in the Heart Chakra.

Well done! Good work.

Take some time to relax.

Maybe prepare a meal for yourself or have a bath.

Love and respect yourself.

All is well with this relationship.

You can perform this exercise whenever you want to and at least once a week is a wise idea.

I would suggest doing this once a week with all your primary relationships.

If you feel tired that is because this is quite a transformation of energy and one that you should respect as a serious self development exercise.



Free from unneccessary burdens, egoism, unhealed pains, negativity and suffering.

May all beings be at ease with life and at One with God.



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