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The Birth of the False Personality.

The Impressions of Important Influences in our Early Years.

Why do we need to perform all these healing practices?

Because the impressions of important influences in our early years, have helped to form a false personality that constricts the life of our true self - our soul and that above, the One spirit. This false personality has been given birth by the conditionings and impressions formed strongly in the first seven years and then throughout our first twenty five years of this life.

Parental and societal impression building inevitably feed this false personality - at the expense of nurturing and honouring the soul indweller of the body.

In general, many societies ignore the gifts that the soul has brought to the world and instead focus upon creating carbon copies of 'society people'. Thus, the so-called 'education' system and its rigorous conditioning process.

By the time we leave the family and the educational systems, there is usually very little showing of the original soul. Just look at your family photograph album, if you have access to one, or study any photograph album that chronologically follows the growth of a person. Just study the changes, and you may see how less and less of the original person is visible in the pictures.

At first glance, this seems very pessimistic. But this state of affairs need not stay this way forever.

Today, we are able to use advanced healing processes to set the soul free again. Many such techniques emanate from established Ancient Wisdom Schools, such as Yoga, Taoism, Buddhism, Gurdjieff, Osho, to name but few.

This is why we need to perform these healing practices so that we can dissolve away all the negative and unwanted aspects of the false personality.

  • We can escape from the prison of conditioned reactions and enter the light of freedom of choice: physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • We can become masters of our selves.
  • We can truly come to know ourselves.


But first we need to heal ourselves.

The Importance of Sound and Firm Foundations for Further Growth.

If we proceed with any self-development, self-improvement, or spiritual practice, without first healing our selves of untruths and falsity, then we will be building 'castles made of sand' that will be washed away at the first high tide. Then we will be back where we started with, but perhaps this time we will be disappointed at our apparent failure and may have lost the enthusiasm to try again.

So, we must get the lesser work done first, if we are to grow correctly. This is why we need to perform the healing exercises and practices. Then we will have a firm, solid, healthy base from which to evolve on.



May all beings be very Peaceful and Happy.

Om shanti.



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