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Impression Imprinting During Childhood


The personality that many of us live through for the rest of our lives, is greatly influenced by the impressions and influences of early childhood.

To a great degree, we imitate those people who surround us throughout childhood - mainly the close family.

We become imprinted with these influences and we absorb them into our personality. This imprinting is an indirect form of conditioning, I classify direct conditioning as the procedure of "up bringing" - all the do's and do not's, all the yes, no and maybe responses we are given to our behaviour which gives us some indication of the appropriate behaviour we are expected to show.


Impression imprinting is an inevitable part of being human.

But what if we are unhappy with our conditioning - unhappy with the personality that has been created and it's automatic, robotic reactions to life? What happens if we feel stuck with the proverbial "Frankenstein" personality - or worse still an "Egor" or "Dr Jeckyll / Mr Hide"?

This is the situation for a vast majority of people. We have been fragmented from our gestalt - wholeness - and are adrift in a false personality. We are experiencing life through many imposed filters. These filters only allow us to experience that which we have been conditioned to experience. We are not feeling that we are living fully and thus often feel frustrated, anxious, and confused.

Do not fear! For this is perfectly ordinary.

What we need to do next is to heal ourselves and in the healing process, the false personality will dissolve away, much like a salt crystal in hot water.


How does this work?

If we imagine the false personality to be a structure made out of a variety of interlinked thoughts - opinions, beliefs, likes and dislikes - and that these thoughts have been imprinted into our mind, then as we heal ourselves using simple, yet powerful, healing techniques, the false personality begins to pull apart and we begin to expose to the light, our true self - that which some call the soul. The soul is how existence made us - it is the very core of being.

When we live from the soul, we are in harmony with life for this is how life intended us to be. When we live from the false personality, then we may be unhappy and confused, because we are living "against the grain" of our real self. We are living out the dictates of our childhood and early programming.


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